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Unlocking the power of intelligent CX with Zendesk data and insights leader Joey Edwards-Lebair

In this episode, Edwards-Lebair shares key data from Zendesk's 2024 CX Trends report, which explores how AI is reshaping customer service, from chatbot advancements to the evolving dynamics between agents and AI.

Da Mark Smith, Staff Writer

Ultimo aggiornamento March 18, 2024

As Zendesk unveils its sixth CX Trends report, it’s become clear that the CX landscape is undergoing sweeping changes. As Joey Edwards-Lebair, one of our data and insights experts at Zendesk, explains in this latest episode of Conversations with Zendesk, businesses and their customers are entering the era of intelligent CX.

“What sets this moment in time apart is really the convergence and synergies of capabilities and technologies coming together,” Edwards-Lebair said. “While AI is a massive part of this evolution, it’s not the only part. It’s like we’re witnessing a symphony. AI might have struck that first chord, but the melody is really made up of so much more.”

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In the first part of a two-episode conversation with host Nicole Saunders, Edwards-Lebair pointed out that CX leaders increasingly view AI as playing a significant role in both providing the kind of immersive experiences customers demand while driving efficiencies that will enable agents to focus on escalated issues that require the human touch. But to get there, he warns, companies must implement AI wisely.

“One thing that’s critical about leveraging AI in CX is ensuring that AI is infused directly into tools and processes,” Edwards-Lebair said.

Be sure to catch part two of Edwards-Lebair’s conversation with Saunders on January 31, and go to our 2024 CX Trends to download the full report.

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