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AI deep dive: Harnessing the power of AI for customer service

We do AI differently at Zendesk. Here's how we're using it to make customer service teams work better, smarter, and more efficiently.

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This guide contains a detailed overview of Zendesk AI offerings that service teams are using to create better customer experiences. To better understand Zendesk AI, you should know we’re doing things a little differently.

  • Our tools are accessible to anyone straight out of the box, deploying without long lead times.

  • They’re built on the world’s largest CX dataset, trained on customer interactions for a targeted impact.

  • Designed with agents in mind, they’re intuitive and easy to use.

  • Zendesk AI also powers bots that actually solve problems rather than generate more.

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In this guide

In this guide, you will learn how to start making the most of Zendesk AI immediately. Unlike AI built by other companies, Zendesk AI deploys quickly—it’s built into workflows you are probably already using. In the pages of this guide, we explain how AI helps companies:

  • Scale up while keeping costs down

  • Turn every agent into a top performer

  • Unlock the right ways to optimize

Companies trust Zendesk to help them deliver great customer experiences. Download the guide to find out how we make it possible with AI.

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Find out which AI tools companies are using to create better customer experiences and more efficient customer service teams.

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