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CX trends for higher education

Learn 5 CX trends that are improving communications across America’s college campuses and universities in 2023.

With ongoing budget cuts, many institutions of higher learning are grappling with decades-old technology with disconnected data sources. These outdated systems make it difficult for teams to deliver seamless, personal support to members of the community. But a strategic investment in centralizing data and updating old systems allows colleges and universities to focus on their core mission: education.

The customer experience (CX) for higher education has evolved rapidly to mirror consumer trends. With advances in technology, administrators can now easily connect with students, parents, staff, and faculty over their preferred channels, whether social media, chat, text, email, or phone.

With Zendesk, higher education administrators can help meet the increased expectations of their community by providing faster communication, transparency, and convenience—all while staying under budget.

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CX trends for higher education