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A new frontier: Zendesk acquires Base

Base is now part of Zendesk. Here's what you need to know.

By Uzi Shmilovici

Last updated September 16, 2020

When we started Base in 2009, we set out to transform work for 30 million sales professionals worldwide. We were frustrated with the state of existing Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems and how poorly they were designed.

We embarked on a mission to fix sales software, and over the next several years, we heavily invested in building a product that would redefine how SFA systems work. On this mission, we introduced many innovations to the market that are now a standard in sales platforms, including native mobile applications, fully integrated voice and email, and highly visual reports. We were committed to making sure, god forbid, people would actually enjoy using their sales software.

Through all of this innovation, one question remained: How can we accelerate the distribution of Base so more sales professionals worldwide can enjoy it?

Could there be a strategic alliance that would allow for that? After a short romance, we found the answer.

We’re happy to announce that Base has been acquired by Zendesk

Like Base, Zendesk products are designed to facilitate communication, reduce friction, and improve the relationship between companies and their customers.

Together, we will accelerate our product growth and create a bond between sales and support that has never been seen before.

To our customers, we’re incredibly grateful for the trust you have given us on this journey and plan to continue to deliver exciting new innovations to grow your sales. Moving forward, you will continue to be fully supported, and have the full strength of Zendesk behind the SFA tool that you know and love.

Both Base and Zendesk are dedicated to creating a seamless customer experience across sales and support. We’ll continue to offer a modern, easy-to-use solution for sales professionals. The acquisition will allow us to develop our product faster, and give us the resources to offer you the best experience in relationship management. We’ll have more to share on this soon.

Thank you,
Uzi and the Base team

P.S. – We will be hiring aggressively, so check out our careers page over the next several months if you are interested in making sure customer facing professionals have the tools they deserve.

Read the Zendesk blog on the announcement here

This post originally ran on the Base blog. Please visit if you’d like to learn more about Zendesk Sell.

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