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How Zendesk helps HR teams with the employee experience

Consumers expect service to be seamless and omnichannel. No surprise, given the ubiquity of apps and service across many channels—phone and email, but also chat and platforms like Twitter. That expectation has carried over into the workplace, where employees have the same standards of service as they do for the businesses they patronize.

Now more than ever, human resources departments bear the brunt of the pressure to optimize employee engagement as well as nurture retention. With Zendesk, HR teams enjoy an intuitive platform that allows them to scale support and keep employees engaged throughout their lifecycle at a company. Further, Zendesk makes key insights possible, including how HR teams can improve performance with smart self-service, automations and integrations… all centralized in one integrated hub.

In this e-book, we explore key ways in which Zendesk can help HR teams achieve their goals.

How Zendesk helps HR teams with the employee experience