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Zendesk and WeWork partner to help growing businesses create better customer relationships

By Billy Robins

Last updated September 21, 2021

We’re excited to announce that today, Zendesk is partnering with WeWork on the launch of their new WeWork Service Store, a software-only platform that aggregates business software and services. This WeWork initiative provides WeWork members with “an operational boost” by delivering hand selected services and SaaS products, like Zendesk Support. With this partnership, we are providing WeWork members around the globe with access to customer service software that is easy to set-up and use, and is a one-stop-shop for all their customer service interactions.

The future of work is flexible, community-driven, and global. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, no longer will people work for one firm for a decade plus, let alone the entirety of their careers. The world moves too fast now, and the individual entrepreneur has a wealth of options in front of them because of flexible SaaS solutions like XERO, Slack, Zendesk, and GSuite just to name a few.

Brands today are defined first and foremost by the customer experience they deliver—and their ability to create long-term customer relationships. Companies cannot rely on mass marketing, but require these long-term relationships with customers because customers are using technology to build community and exchange opinions. For consumers, this could be on TripAdvisor or Yelp; for business buyers, this can be in forums or through the community that WeWork creates for its members. Lastly, the future is global; great SaaS companies are democratizing software for any business large or small regardless of location.

Entrepreneurs should focus on their passion, what they love doing. They shouldn’t struggle for office space, or collaborative feedback, or selecting software. WeWork enables creators to chase their dream, while working side-by-side with other creators. Initially, WeWork attracted creators primarily from high-growth, private companies, but now there is a range of companies, including larger enterprises, like General Electric, Microsoft, Marriott, and others, that are seeing the advantages of a more flexible workspace. Providing growing businesses, like WeWork members, with access to beautifully simple customer service software, like Support, is vital to their growth. With Support entrepreneurs and large companies (or government agencies) can easily manage conversations with customers, resulting in great customer relationships.

The WeWork Service Store helps members by delivering curated solutions, securing pre-negotiated discounts, and handling billing. With all the SaaS solutions in the market today, it’s helpful for WeWork to leverage their community experience and data insights to hand-pick the leading solutions, eliminating search time and effort for members. All of this saves WeWork members time and money.

Given the founding stories, growth trajectories and missions of WeWork and Zendesk, respectively, the partnership makes sense. Both companies were founded on the idea that we can do better — whether WeWork and working environments, or Zendesk and customer service software. In addition, both companies have grown extensively over the past 7+ years, adding customers, members, and offices in a range of countries. From a purpose standpoint, the organizations have shared values. WeWork wants to infuse traditional work spaces with a community feel and inspiration; Zendesk has a complimentary mission to build great relationships between businesses (or governments) and their customers. At the end of the day, these aligned missions intend to power entrepreneurs who are trying to build the next great Microsoft, Google, or GE.

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