Community tip: Best practices for using views

Community tip: Best practices for using views

April 7, 2015
Community tip: Best practices for using views

Views are the primary way of managing tickets in Zendesk. The tickets displayed in a view reflect an agent’s ticket privilege, so agents only see the tickets they are authorized to process.

This tip shares some best practices and things to think about when:

  • Creating shared views
  • Using the Home screen views
  • Naming a view
  • Formatting views
  • Sorting within views
  • Reviewing views
  • Bookmarking views
  • Reporting from views
  • Refining a view’s conditions for better search results
  • Reviewing the audit log

Read the community tip to learn more

This community tip is from Graeme Carmichael, a moderator on the Zendesk forums, and a Financial Accountant at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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