CX trends for the public sector

Get conversational with your constituents for a seamless public service experience across channels.

Last updated February 23, 2023

Serve your citizens with exceptional CX

When most people think of a great customer experience (CX), interacting with a government agency is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind. But tax dollars are well-spent when citizens can easily connect with their government—at the local, state, or federal level—to take care of everything from renewing their driver’s license to paying their tax bill.

Many government agencies have decades-old technology with disconnected data sources. These outdated systems make it difficult to deliver seamless, personal support across channels to constituents. A strategic investment in centralizing data and updating old systems allows government agencies to connect on the channels that their constituents prefer—whether social media, chat, text, email, or phone.

Upgrading to Zendesk can help government agencies accurately analyze citizen data for better decision-making while ensuring security and compliance with enterprise-grade standards. With Zendesk, chatbots using artificial intelligence (AI) can boost efficiency by eliminating the need for agents to spend time answering common questions. AI can also guide constituents to the correct forms they need and direct them to a live agent if they need more in-depth service.

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