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Get down to brass tacks on AI, customer experience

Learn the newest strategies for supporting customers from companies that are nailing it. Your team—and your boss—will thank you for making the trip to Relate 2023.

By Tara Ramroop, Staff Writer

Last updated May 17, 2023

You’ll want to be in the room(s) where it happens, and we’re not just talking about the inspirational keynotes and main-stage product announcements coming at Relate 2023. We’re betting those will prompt at least a gasp or a tear, but we know many of you are joining live to learn the how—not just the why—of customer experience.

Start supporting customers with the latest and greatest in AI and automations. Equip front-line teams with the tools and knowhow to deliver on ever-rising customer expectations. You’ll learn how to do that and more, thanks to the superstar customers who have done it—and keep achieving success hand-in-hand with Zendesk. Degreed, Cox Automotive, Match, and more are connecting with customers in new and relevant ways that are sure to resonate across industries.

So grab your front-row seat for the newest in customer agent workspaces, conversational experiences, platform and security, employee experience, and, of course, how AI and automations will be essential support for your human teams in the not-so-distant future.

SaaS, ecommerce, and more—Break internal silos and boost customer happiness as you scale

Keeping customers happy as a company scales is one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders today. For Degreed, integrating customer service with their product, sales, and success teams was a “no-brainer” and central to their customer-centric strategy. Kevin Barry, VP of Global Technical Services & Support, pulls the curtain back to share tactics for customer retention, seamlessly automating requests, running a lean team in hyper growth, and more. Insights on the kinds of requests coming from customers can help teams develop products that meet customer needs and identify issues before they become big problems.

“Few things matter more to a SaaS company than the strength of its product and the happiness of its customers,” says Barry. “At Degreed, our customers and their employees are front-and-center in all of our decisions. Degreed’s mission to ‘jailbreak the degree’ and build a future where learning is always accessible wouldn’t be possible without learners regularly logging into the Degreed learning platform. It makes sense that we’d partner with Zendesk to offer the most complete, integrated customer experience. I’m excited to speak on our journey so far at Zendesk Relate 2023 and share some of our learnings on getting colleagues across the business engaged and bought-in with your customer service platform.”

“I’m excited to speak on our journey so far at Zendesk Relate 2023 and share some of our learnings on getting colleagues across the business engaged and bought-in with your customer service platform.”Kevin Barry, Degreed VP of Global Technical Services & Support

Cox Automotive, the parent company of Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, and, will also be in the house discussing how CX drives revenue and helps land more customers. eCommerce is the future of car buying, and retailers providing personalized customer experiences are in the strongest position to land more deals. Join Dale McCrory, VP of Automotive Commerce, discuss how AI-infused conversational commerce, powered by Zendesk, enables them to create a unique online buying experience that gets customers talking.

If anyone understands the importance of personalized experiences, it’s Match. An early pioneer of online dating, Match knows from experience that customers who have trouble finding their match are more likely to become disengaged and churn. Match + Zendesk turned out to be a match made in heaven. Alice Curry, VP, Member Services at Match Group LLC, joins us to talk about how proactive messages delivering personalized dating advice led to a boost in customer loyalty, retention, and revenue growth. Talk about a success story.

Meet, greet, and let those ideas incubate

Though the sessions are chock-full of firsthand experience and customer service tips you can (and should) steal, a networking session can be instrumental in bringing your notes and next steps to life. There will be plenty of time to meet, greet, and connect on LinkedIn—so jump in and don’t be shy; we’re all still out of practice with the in-person thing.

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