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White Paper 1 min read

SFA software evaluation template

Investing in the right SFA solution will help increase your revenue, cut your operating costs, and boost IT efficiencies, but with many options available to you, what selection criteria should you use to make the right decision for you and your company?

Knowing that not all SFA solutions are created equal, this template is designed to help you select the right SFA for your business.

In this template, we’ll walk you through the following questions:

  1. Why do you want a SFA?

  2. What is the annual cost of the SFA?

  3. How long does the SFA take to implement?

  4. How important is mobility to your team?

  5. Does it integrate with the tools you already use?

  6. Does it provide the reports/insights management needs?

  7. Will your team actually use it?

  8. How well does it automate for you?

  9. Will it grow with you?

  10. Is it easy to customize to your business?

  11. Can you easily import and export your data?

Find your SFA match