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Outbound team: Welcome to the Zendesk family

By Steven Yan

Last updated September 21, 2021

We’re happy to report another milestone in Zendesk’s journey to help companies better communicate with their customers. Today we announced our recent acquisition of Outbound, and we welcome the entire Outbound team to the Zendesk family.

Outbound enables businesses to automate and deliver relevant messages across web, email, and mobile channels, and to better measure their effectiveness. At a time when customers are inundated with automated messages, Outbound shifts the focus from the quantity of messages delivered to the quality of customer interactions.

Why Outbound?
Founded in 2013, Outbound was born to help companies send fewer, better messages. When starting the company, founders Dhruv Mehta and Josh Weissburg set out to meet the challenges of today’s data-driven customer engagement teams and help them build authentic and lasting relationships with customers. Customers, who are increasingly overwhelmed and frustrated with the volume of automated messages they receive, will choose to build long-lasting relationships with companies who communicate with them via targeted, higher quality messages. We are excited to welcome a team who shares our core beliefs and to work with them in pursuit of our shared vision.

What do businesses use Outbound for?
Many growth marketing, customer experience, and product teams use Outbound today to personalize the customer experience to attract, onboard, engage, and support customers. With built-in A/B testing and conversion tracking functionality, these teams are always improving their customer targeting and message content, all the while measuring the impact of every interaction.

Can I try Outbound today?
Absolutely! You can start a free trial from their website.

What’s cool about Outbound?
Outbound enables you to build customer segments based on customer data and send proactive messages to each segment. Here’s what’s possible with Outbound:

  • Send messages via email, web, mobile push notifications, and SMS.

  • Bring together various sources of customer data using Segment, Amplitude, or our API.

  • A/B test different messages and channels while setting conversion goals.

  • Deliver messages at various cadences—in real-time based on a customer action or at various points during a customer’s lifetime.

How will Zendesk Connect and Outbound work together?
Zendesk Connect and Outbound will be combined into a single, multichannel solution. Both the Outbound and Zendesk teams are currently working together on the integration. Stay tuned for updates.

Learn more about Outbound

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