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Automatically turn voicemails into support tickets

Last updated November 3, 2010

This is a guest blog by James W. Breeden, CEO of LiveAir Networks. He describes how his company combined PBX system OnSip with Zendesk to turn their support voicemails into support tickets.

Sifting through a box full of support voicemails can be daunting. It can be especially time-consuming if you need to listen to the whole voicemail, jot down what it’’s about, create a new ticket, and then it forward to a support team. Luckily, you can automate voice to text support tickets with an OnSIP and Zendesk integration.

The Background: LiveAir Networks Provides Cutting-Edge IT Solutions

When LiveAir Networks of Smithville, Texas wanted to improve its client call-handling experience for both new and existing clients, it engineered a custom call-routing solution to integrate calls into its digital workflow, powered by OnSIP.

Since 2004, LiveAir Networks has provided cutting edge Internet and data solutions to homes and businesses throughout 2,400 square miles of Bastrop, Fayette, and Lee counties of Texas over their privately owned and operated Metro Ethernet network. They have recently launched business class local telephone services, powered by the OnSIP Hosted PBX platform, in conjunction with their own inbound services (due to their rurality).

The Problem: Sifting Through Support Voicemail

The problem for LiveAir was that its busy or no answer calls were coming into a central voicemail box. And, it took staff time to triage through voicemail, transcribe the voicemail by hand, save as a ticket, and route it to the appropriate personnel. In many cases, it took multiple hours for an employee to complete this process, and many calls weren’t even discovered by the appropriate personnel until the next day after they came in.

“As we grow, it is imperative that we take care of our clients in the most efficient method possible,” said James W. Breeden, CEO of LiveAir. “Clients submitting service requests online were being served rapidly, but clients that were calling us on the phone were falling through the cracks, a situation that was just unacceptable.”

The Solution: Add OnSIP + Phonetag + Zendesk

To solve this problem, LiveAir integrated OnSIP’s hosted PBX system applications for custom call routing, attendant menus, and conferencing, with voicemail transcription services by Phonetag. These transcriptions are then automatically directed into the appropriate technician groups in Zendesk, LiveAir’s service request tracking system.

“The new system is going to ensure that when a client leaves us a request via phone that our technicians and client service agents are able to handle the call quickly and efficiently. We no longer have to wait for human intervention to check voicemail and route the request.” Breeden said.

LiveAir Networks is an OnSIP partner/agent and provides their own inbound SIP trunking and DID services in locales/rate centers where OnSIP does not provide native porting and inbound trunking services to allow its clients to take advantage of the innovative OnSIP PBX feature set and platform. You can check out LiveAir’s portfolio of products and services at

OnSIP Note: As you may know, we’ve recently announced an integration with Phonetag and OnSIP. As mentioned in this blog, Zendesk is a hosted customer support application that’s very useful in organizing customer support tickets. If you’re interested in the integration mentioned in this blog, stay tuned for an upcoming “How-To” series where we’ll tell you step-by-step how to set this up.

About LiveAir Networks

LiveAir Networks is one of the Central Texas region’s leading technical services providers. Since 2003, LiveAir has invested almost $750,000 in its Central Texas infrastructure covering more than 2400 square miles of the Bastrop, Fayette, and Lee counties of Texas, including the towns of Smithville, Giddings, and La Grange. LiveAir’s privately owned and operated Metro Ethernet network delivers rural customers unparalleled client service and connectivity that ensures speed, reliability, and performance. With LiveAir, businesses and residents alike can count on robust broadband, voice, information technology, and Internet-based solutions created and supporting by uncompromising technical experts.

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