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Breaking down the silos between sales and service

It takes the right tools and data to fuel great customer experiences, and a lot of it is already at your fingertips. Your service team talks to your customers every day and often hears what they want, what they wish you offered, and how they actually use your products. That’s the kind of data your sales team needs to close deals.

We partnered with ESG to survey 3,500 business leaders, including 912 senior sales leaders across all market segments from SMBs to enterprise. You’ll learn:

  • Why silos are a risk to business growth

  • How companies across industries are innovating in CX

  • Steps you can take to bring sales and service together

By the numbers:

  1. 89% of respondents use service data to uncover and advance sales opportunities

  2. 78% reported the impact on sales success as “game-changing”

  3. Organizations that connect sales and service are 6.7x more likely to see an increase in per-customer spending

Breaking down the silos between sales and service