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The age of Conversational CRM is here

Meet the new channels, tools, and workflows changing the face of customer support and sales.

Conversational CRM is the new way businesses are managing their customer relationships–relying on new channels (like web and mobile messaging), new technologies (like AI that goes beyond the buzz), and new methods of staying on top of conversations (like fresh interfaces designed for agents).

Here’s the thing: Customers are people, and people don’t want to be treated like a ticket or a sale just because they’re talking to brands. With Conversational CRM, businesses are putting the customer first by treating them to support and sales experiences that they’ve come to expect.

In fact, upwards of 70 percent of customers report that they expect conversational experiences when interacting with brands, and nearly three quarters of customers say that agents should have access to data that’s relevant to their accounts in order to better serve their queries. Conversational CRM is what makes that possible in the digital age.

To learn more about Conversational CRM, the different types of CRM on the market and how Zendesk provides everything you need to get started, download our free whitepaper below.

The age of Conversational CRM is here