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The gift of apps

By Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Last updated September 9, 2020

This year, the holiday season reminded us we have a healthy appetite, not just for food, but also for additions to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. This month we added 14 new apps and integrations to the general marketplace and we hope you saved room for them.

Google Drive from

Google Drive from (Support) lets you connect your Google Drive account to your Zendesk and makes it easy for you to upload/attach files directly to/from Google Drive within a ticket in Zendesk Support. With this integration, you’re able to use Google Drive without leaving Zendesk Support. Upload files to Google Drive from a ticket in Zendesk. Attach files to a ticket from Google Drive directly from an app in the ticket editor. Get an overview of all attached files, upload a specific attached file to Google Drive, upload several, or all, attached files to Google Drive


CSAT.AI (Support) (Chat) improves customer experience proactively. Automate the QA process while providing complete oversight including agent scorecards, performance trends, and tag searches. Agents and Managers gain feedback in a timely fashion on things like if agents provided “WOW” level service, resolved customer queries, or shown empathy. Spend time coaching not monitoring.


parcelLab (Support) enables perfect communication between shops and customers during shipment. With parcelLab you guide your customers through the entire shipping process. The parcelLab Zendesk app gives parcelLab customers the ability to easily get the most up-to-date delivery status of your customers’ orders, directly access in-depth order information via a direct link to the corresponding parcelLab portal tracking page, and even automatically fetch the order status directly based on a user-configured Zendesk ticket field (optionally) or via an easy-to-use input form.

Additional integrations added in December:


Crowdin (Support) is a cloud-based localization management solution that speeds up and automates localization. Source texts from Zendesk will be uploaded to your Crowdin project automatically and become available for translators you invite to your project. Ready translations arrive in your Help Center at a period you specify.


Pythia (Support, Chat) helps you level up the productivity of your Zendesk agents with better macros usage and management powered by AI. Reply Suggestions provide Zendesk agents with related macros or shortcuts for current ticket or chat. Suggestion details can be easily accessed by clicking on the card.

Ticket Field Importer

Ticket Field Importer (Support) provides a UI to upload a CSV file that can be used to create new dropdown ticket fields or update existing ticket fields.


AnswerWise (Support, Chat) is an AI platform that automates your customer support. Automatically resolve repetitive support queries and save your agents time. Provide faster issue resolutions for your customers 24*7. Improve customer experience and reduce the overall cost of customer service.

Simple Media Player for Zendesk

Simple Media Player for Zendesk (Support) is a free app that will allow your agents to listen to audio attachments or watch videos without having to download. It is also compatible with the audio (.ogg) and video (.3gpp) formats used by WhatsApp.

Dialoga ACD and Dialoga PBX

Dialoga ACD (Support) and Dialoga PBX help you connect Hydra, ACD solution based on WebRTC technology, or Trident, a PBX technology, with Zendesk Support. Both services provide you with a remote platform through which agents can be monitored and controlled as if being in a traditional call center, but when in fact no physical infrastructure is needed. Easily access your call controls within Zendesk to make/answer calls.

Chatdesk Trends

Chatdesk Trends (Support, Chat) helps you automatically tag, search, and visualize customer feedback from all web sources, including Zendesk Support and Chat. Combine data across all your messages and tickets, then export it to a CSV or your data warehouse. See all your feedback about any specific issue. Sort by delivery service, SKU and more.

Visit the Zendesk Apps Marketplace to browse all our apps and integrations.

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