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Say hello to 2020 with new integrations

By Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Last updated September 20, 2021

We’ve got a great roundup of new integrations to ring in the new year. Check them out below!


ClickUp (Support) is a beautiful productivity platform that allows you to get more done in your work and personal life. With the Zendesk integration, your support team will be able to stay on top of tickets and tasks, keeping everyone productive. ClickUp lets you attach any number of ClickUp tasks to a ticket in Zendesk for easy reference of task status and ID. Quickly add your ticket information into your ClickUp task, assign members, and set due dates all within Zendesk. Get automatic updates when you create or link a ticket to a task.


Amplemarket (Sell) helps you find and get in touch with your next customers in the most efficient and personalized way possible. Amplemarket seamlessly integrates with your email inbox and Zendesk Sell allowing you to do things like trigger email cadences directly from a contact page on Zendesk Sell. Find the right prospects based on buying intent and filters like job title, industry, location, technologies used and many more. Set up extremely personalized sales cadences that will automatically engage and follow up with your leads on multiple channels. Streamline sales workflows so you can focus on selling.


ChurnZero (Support) is a real-time Customer Success platform that helps subscription businesses fight customer churn. Its software solutions allow businesses to understand how their customers use their product, assess their health and their likelihood to renew and give businesses the means to personalize the customer experience through timely and relevant touchpoints. The ChurnZero integration for Zendesk Support gives your Customer Support team easy access to key customer data – such as customer health, renewal information, product usage and more – while working an issue.


GetResponse (Sell) is the complete email marketing platform giving you the tools to deliver the whole package directly to your clients. Easy email campaigns, customizable contact lists, autofunnels, integrated automation, CRM, newsletters, client insights and data, and even social media integration — we’re your seamless one-stop-shop for it all. The integration with Zendesk Sell lets you simply manage and customize contact details and automatically add and remove leads to your email campaigns for optimum success while viewing a lead or contact record in Zendesk Sell.

Language I/O Help

Language I/O Help (Support) plugin for Zendesk automates the professional human (or machine) translation of your knowledge base, incorporating translation memory, glossaries and automatic link rewriting. Plug directly into Zendesk Guide so you can automatically translate your knowledge base with a click of a button. Language I/O Help allows you to select source locales, list articles and gives you the ability to review search results so you can decide what to include in the project for translation.

Additional integrations added in January:


Netelip (Support) is a Virtual PBX Switchboard that enables features like direct and indirect call forwarding, call queues and IVRs, click-to-dial and call back, inbound and outbound call history, and inbound call pop-ups directly in Zendesk Support.

Brandify Reviews

Brandify Reviews (Support) helps brands connect to their customers. Receive new Google reviews directly into your Zendesk Support account. Read, reply to, tag, share and report the review from within Zendesk.

TechSee Visual Assistance (Support)

TechSee Visual Assistance (Support) allows agents to instantly invite customers to share live video stream or photos of their issues via their mobile phone (no app download is required) from a Zendesk Support ticket.

Dynamic Coupons for WooCommerce

Dynamic Coupons for WooCommerce (Support) is a ticket management app for WooCommerce coupons. Admin can create, retrieve and send unique coupon codes to their customers directly from their Zendesk account without logging in to the WooCommerce store every time.

Git-Zen for GitLab and Git-Zen Lite for GitLab

Git-Zen for GitLab and Git-Zen Lite for GitLab (Support) coordinatee your Zendesk tickets with your GitLab commits and issues. When a Zendesk ticket arrives, and code needs to be changed to correct the issue, you can now easily see which files needed to be changed to correct the issue right next to the ticket.

Versature CTI

Versature CTI (Support) is business phone service evolved. Connect Zendesk with your Versature PBX system and give your agents access to their call controls directly inside Zendesk Support.


SupporTrends (Support) helps businesses understand and organize customer feedback in support conversations. SupporTrends can automatically process your existing Zendesk conversations and highlight the rich, detailed product feedback trends that your customers discuss.


AnswerConnect (Support) is a 24/7 Live Calling Answering service for your business. With this integration, all your incoming leads and contacts are exported from AnswerConnect to Zendesk automatically, so you can manage all your contact data in one unified interface.

Atende Simples

Atende Simples (Support) is a complete telephone solution that helps you manage and scale your business. Automatically create, edit, and update tickets associated with inbound or outbound phone calls when integrated with Zendesk Support. Recordings are automatically attached to tickets and even enable click-to-call with this app.

HubSpot Deals by MWB

HubSpot Deals by MWB (Support) automates your Zendesk dashboard to fetch the latest five deals of the ticket from your HubSpot portal. Admins can view the deal details directly from their Zendesk account without logging in to the HubSpot portal every time

Kantan Skynet

Kantan Skynet (Support) allows you to translate Zendesk Support tickets through the Kantan Skynet platform. Receive a machine translation and then get post-edited, from one of Kantan’s editors into the language of the ticket. Replies will be automatically sent back to the requester in their native language. Meeting Assistant (Support) Meeting Assistant is a faster and smarter way for customer-facing teams to schedule meetings. Automate meeting scheduling, reserve rooms, create video meetings, and access essential information. syncs with all your calendars, video conferencing, CRMs and your Zendesk users, tickets and knowledge base.

Miuros Review

Miuros Review (Support) is a quality assurance platform that lets you review and evaluate any interactions that your team has with customers. Load your agents Zendesk tickets into Miuros Review to help you review your support teams performance.

IntegrateCloud Zendesk Email Attachments

IntegrateCloud Zendesk Email Attachments (Support) allows users to send attachments to any specified email right inside Zendesk tickets.

Custom Migrations by

Custom Migrations by (Support) provides custom, non-automated Zendesk migrations from 30+ source systems to Zendesk.

In addition, if you haven’t heard, we’ve recently released Zendesk Sell apps in the Marketplace. To see the full list, refer to the announcement post here.

To view the full cast of apps that have been released, follow our weekly release notes.

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