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Welcome Sell apps to the Zendesk marketplace

By Caroline Chromik, Senior product marketing associate

Last updated September 14, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Sell is now in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace, introducing a new line of apps to help sales teams sell more.

Since 2012, the Zendesk Marketplace has powered the world of customer support. With just under 1,000 apps available for Zendesk Support and Chat, the Marketplace has allowed support organizations to extend Zendesk products to address unique business needs and ultimately enable companies to create the best customer experience possible for their customers. Today, we grow our Marketplace and expand into new territory — the world of sales.


For those unfamiliar with Zendesk Sell, the relatively new sales tool brought to market about a year ago is a robust, user-friendly CRM designed specifically for sales and the selling motion. Today’s news will have a big impact on sales teams, with capabilities to now extend Sell’s functionality in new ways. So, let’s talk about how.

We know that to effectively manage and work with customers, using multiple tools and products has become a necessity for nearly all organizations. Apps for Zendesk Sell let you create a central hub for your sales reps — connecting other tools and products used throughout your sales process directly to Sell in order to display all critical selling information in one, unified interface. Key information and activity from your other applications funnel right onto lead, contact, and deal cards so reps can avoid switching back and forth between tools.


Now, while we know a single sales organization will leverage many tools, the type of technology that makes up their sales stack will almost always vary from business to business. From prospecting to quoting to invoicing to analytics, there’s technology to support essentially every stage, of any sales process but preference and process needs differ at every company. That’s why we brought the apps framework to Sell and offer two different types of apps to meet the unique needs of every business— public apps and private apps.

Two Types of Power

The Zendesk Marketplace would not exist without the apps framework that has powered thousands of apps for customers to use, including both publicly available (apps you see in the marketplace) or custom-built (apps built by customers or private partners). This same apps framework is now built into Sell, making our tool for salespeople more extensible than ever. Let’s dive into two fundamental ways apps can extend the functionality of Sell to meet your sales team’s needs:

  • 1. Public Apps

    Publicly available apps are those you’ll find in the Zendesk Marketplace – think out of the box. The new apps launched for Sell give sales teams the option to connect popular tools used throughout the entire sales cycle such as Mailchimp, PandaDoc, Box, Dropbox, and more. Click-to-install setup makes it fast and easy for anyone to get started with public apps.

    2. Private Apps

    Also known as custom apps. As you might have guessed, private apps are not available to the public so you won’t find these in the Zendesk Marketplace. Private apps are highly attractive to sales organizations looking to build a custom app from scratch or modify a public app to address specific process and customization needs. For example, private apps are commonly used to connect internal systems or databases to feed critical data and information to sales reps.

A wild world of possibilities.

Let’s explore the different Sell apps that are now available in the Marketplace.


Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses manage drip email campaigns and mass communication with prospects and customers. The Mailchimp App displays on lead and contact cards in Sell and gives sales reps insight into what kind of content resonates with customers. View campaign activity such as newsletters being sent to your customers or even choose to subscribe them to mailing lists, all from within Sell.


QuickBooks is cloud-based accounting software that simplifies the billing process for businesses. The QuickBooks App for Sell helps to streamline workflows for sales teams by enabling reps to create, send, and track invoices from one central place.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses manage inventory and track orders with customers. Use the Shopify App to display customer and order details on leads and contacts in Sell as well as track invoice status, making it fast and easy to know where you’re at with every single customer.


Box is a document management platform and file sharing service that helps businesses improve team collaboration. Sales teams can leverage the Box App to track and share documents with other departments throughout the many stages of a sales process— other teams or employees in your company that don’t have access to Sell can now drop files into Box folders, to have important files or documents show up right from within the Sell interface.


Dropbox helps businesses to securely store files and easily share documents across their organization. The Dropbox App helps sales team to collaborate on important documents when it comes to working with other departments by making it easy to create and share Dropbox folders directly from deals in Sell.

Google Drive

Similar to the Box and Dropbox, Google Drive helps businesses securely store documents, sync files across devices, and share files internally. The Google Drive App works similar to the Box and Dropbox Apps by allowing sales teams to more easily collaborate with other departments when it comes to important documents.


HubSpot offers marketing automation software to businesses manage your website, attract new visitors, and send email campaigns. The HubSpot App gives sales reps insight into campaign activity to better understand what content customers are clicking on and ultimately what gets their attention.


FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software that simplifies the billing process for businesses with estimates and invoicing that are easy to use. Similar to the QuickBooks App, the FreshBooks App for Sell helps sales teams to streamline workflows by enabling reps to create, send, and track invoices and estimates from one central place.


PandaDoc makes it easy for business to create proposals, quotes, contracts, and collect legally binding e-Signatures for faster paperless transactions. The PandaDoc App helps sales teams to streamline the quoting and contract renewal stages of the sales process so reps can send important sales documents to customers faster and easier.


Amplemarket helps business to find and get in touch with new customers, specifically through lead generation and email cadences that customize outreach. The Amplemarket App allows sales reps to trigger email cadences right from a lead or contact card in Sell.


GetResponse offers easy-to-use marketing automation software that enables businesses to grow their audience through email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys, and more. Sales teams can leverage the GetResponse App to view campaign activity and additional customer details directly from Sell.

Time to apps-olutely shine

OK, we’ll cool it with the puns. But on a serious note, there’s a lot you can do with apps, so we created a help guide to quickly get started here.

Visit the Zendesk Apps Marketplace to browse all our apps and integrations.

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