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Start your summer with the right integrations

By Eric Shen, Marketplace Operations Manager

Last updated June 25, 2021

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide great experiences.

Aisera TicketIQ

Aisera TicketIQ (Support) is a next-gen AI Service Experience solution. Aisera’s TicketIQ product brings intelligent automation to classify and route high volumes of tickets, improve resolution times, and user satisfaction. TicketIQ empowers agents by recommending similar tickets, knowledge articles, and next-best actions. By supporting service desk teams through historical ticket analysis and auto-classification of tickets, TicketIQ reduces MTTR, bounce rates, and ticket misclassification.


Botfuel (Support) is a sales enabling chatbot platform for E-commerce. Botfuels’s shopping chatbot acts as the first line of support, and can solve more than 80% of customer inquiries automatically. This helps Zendesk agents to deal with those high-value moments that drive both CSAT and sales. Automatically answer frequent customer service requests, boost conversions, especially when your teams are offline, in the evening and over the weekend, engage hesitant visitors through personalised conversational campaigns, and enable up-to-date product recommendations and guide visitors in buying the right product.

Yext AI Search

Yext AI Search (Support) helps you simplify self-service with a world-class search experience that delivers direct answers within Zendesk. With Yext AI Search, support leaders can empower their agents to drive faster case resolution that increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. By automatically populating the agent’s search experience with the ticket subject line, Yext AI Search uses natural language understanding to interpret customers’ intent and deliver contextually relevant direct answers for agents to efficiently resolve cases. Get started here and supercharge your search in Zendesk.

b+s Connects for Cisco Contact Center

b+s Connects for Cisco Contact Center (Support) lets you connect your help desk to Cisco Contact Center for a unified agent desktop. b+s Connects for Cisco Contact Center gives Zendesk agents the contact center functions they need to deliver outstanding customer experiences and snappy ticket resolution from within the Zendesk agent desktop. Screen-pop and contact match, integrated call controls, real-time team status, transfer to- and consult with- other team members, all from within Zendesk Support.

PayPlug (Support)

PayPlug lets you collect card payments directly from your Zendesk Support tickets. Issue a payment request directly from Zendesk or link a payment issued via PayPlug from your other tools (PayPlug’s back office, your CMS/ERP) to a Zendesk ticket. Send your customer a request for payment and collect it securely.

Additional apps added in June:

BrightReps Knowledge (Support) helps you leverage your existing processes that are documented in Zendesk Guide. Search the help center and view articles from within the ticket Link to the article within ticket comments and capture analytics to understand which articles are being linked to and what search terms aren’t returning any articles.

Omnata Connect (Support) for Zendesk Support, displays contextual information in the ticket sidebar, sourced directly from your data warehouse.

Customer Details Advanced (Support) app will bring all the details straight to the ticket screen from your CRM or ERP. Flexible app configuration allows to plug in to any kind of backend – CRM, ERP, … as long as it provides a public REST API to access the data.

Simple Social Connector (Support) integrates Zendesk Support with Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, SMS, and Google Ads. Create tickets from conversations happening on any of these channels and reply to them directly from a ticket.

Asana Integration by Devops (Support) is a simple integration between Zendesk – Asana. The app allows the support agents to create Asana tasks from a Zendesk ticket form. It also allows support agents to link existing Zendesk tickets to existing Asana tasks or notify the Asana team, by sending comments from Zendesk Support.

Respira Tag Files (Support) is a small app that will add tags with the file extensions of the attachments found in your tickets. For example, if there is a .jpg file in a ticket, a “ri_jpg” and a “hasattachments” tag will be added to your ticket.

Ticket Classifier by Pythia (Support) automates tagging and routing of tickets in your Zendesk Support. With Pythia Classifier you receive an efficient and affordable tool for automatic tickets tagging. The Classifier uses comprehensive domain-sensitive taxonomies that cover most of your categorization needs.

Stripe Connector (Support) gives your agents the power to deal with Stripe queries from inside Zendesk. Display the customer information captured by Stripe, including all contact, address, tax, and custom fields, search a list of all charges made to the customer, return a list of refunds that the customer has received and more with this customizable app.

Bytesview (Support) is a text analysis tool that analyzes any piece of text using machine learning and natural language processing. The Bytesview app processes the input data and gives output to already defined custom fields which helps user agents automatically tag new tickets with sentiment, emotion, intent, keywords, and many more tags.

Twilio SMS, WhatsApp by Ulgebra (Sell) lets you send single & bulk SMS messages to contacts, leads from Zendesk Sell.

Thank you (Support) will analyze every comment on a ticket that is reopened using AI. The plugin will close a ticket if the intent of the message is a thank you.

Guide Importer (Support) allows you to import or export articles, sections, and categories in Excel file format. Specify to which brands articles are connected with, choose for which permission groups do articles apply, and more with this app.

Zoho Sprints (Support) is an agile tool for product management teams. Zendesk Support tickets can be linked to work items in Zoho Sprints so that your teams can collaborate with context and resolve customer issues faster.

Canopy (Support) offers a plug-and-play system of record for companies who want to launch lending products quickly and reliably. With Canopy for Zendesk, you can streamline your agent’s workflow by automatically matching and surfacing the Canopy customer, account, and payment information seamlessly within Zendesk.

Github Integration by DevOpsIntegration (Support) is a simple integration between Zendesk and Github. Support agents using this app can create, link, notify Github issues. You can collaborate with your support team and developers in one place.

Summatti (Support) automates quality control and analysis with AI. Take action on tickets that needs your attention and coach agents in real-time. Reduce data analysis time by finding customer pain points with AI analysis.

Arvia Video Meeting (Chat) provides your teams with quick and easy to access video calls with screen sharing, presentation, snapshots and cloud recording. Agents jump into a video call support session directly from your Zendesk ticket. One or more participants get into the live session by simply clicking a room dedicated to an agent.

Data sync by HubSpot (Sell) syncs data between Zendesk Sell and HubSpot without manual data entry or messy, time-consuming imports. Data is shared between Zendesk Sell and HubSpot in real time. Set-up is quick with out-of-the-box field mappings already created for you.

Yellow Messenger (Chat) allows smooth transfer of complex queries from the virtual assistant to a live agent to get queries resolved accurately and efficiently. The live agent transfer allows the IVA to escalate the request and seamlessly transfers the conversation to a live agent via the Zendesk integration along with the chat history so that the support agent has all the information readily available.

New Themes added in June:

Bellevue is a minimalist, responsive and mobile-friendly Zendesk theme. Everything from the header, custom blocks, table of contents, and footer is configurable—making it user-friendly. Multi-language and dynamic content are supported.

Arya and Jade are beautiful and highly customizable themes for Zendesk Guide. They are designed to serve as a solid foundation on which to build an amazing knowledge base for your customers.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.