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Top 35 customer service and support podcasts for 2024

Explore the top 35 customer service podcasts—get to know the latest trends, tips, and strategies in customer support.

By Jake Jorgovan, B2B Podcast Expert

Last updated February 14, 2024

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, staying ahead in customer service means continually educating yourself and your team. Customer service podcasts provide an excellent avenue for gaining knowledge and insights without disrupting your busy schedule. These digital platforms bring together a diverse range of perspectives from industry experts, CEOs, consultants, and front-line service providers, who discuss emerging trends, challenges, and effective solutions in customer service and support.

Top 35 customer service and customer support podcasts

Top-rated customer service podcasts to follow

1. Conversations with Zendesk

Conversations with Zendesk

Listen here

Overall best for: Comprehensive customer service and experience knowledge
Conversations with Zendesk stands out as the best podcast for those seeking a holistic perspective on customer service and customer experience (CX). This podcast is hosted by Zendesk—a leader in customer service software solutions—and brings you interviews with industry experts, case studies, and actionable insights. It covers everything from customer service best practices to the latest technology and tactics for enhancing customer interactions. The podcast serves as a comprehensive guide for businesses of all sizes and stages aiming to elevate their customer service and overall customer experience.

2. The Modern Customer Podcast

The Modern Customer Podcast

Listen here

Best for: Understanding modern customer behavior
The Modern Customer Podcast offers a deep dive into the evolving behaviors, needs, and expectations of today’s customers. With interviews featuring CEOs, CMOs, and other senior leaders, this podcast provides valuable insights into leveraging data, personalization, and innovative approaches to enhance customer experiences.

3. CX Pulse Podcast

CX Pulse Podcast

Listen here

Best for: Real-time customer service insights
CX Pulse Podcast is apt for businesses interested in keeping their finger on the pulse of customer service trends. The podcast covers real-time insights and news, making it a great resource for companies that want to stay updated and agile in their customer service practices.

4. CXChronicles Podcast

CXChronicles Podcast

Listen here

Best for: Building a customer-centric business culture
The CXChronicles Podcast focuses on how businesses can improve customer experiences by building a customer-centric culture. It shares actionable strategies from seasoned CX professionals, so it’s an excellent resource for businesses looking to prioritize customer service as a cornerstone of their operations.

5. Customer Service Academy

Customer Service Academy

Listen here

Best for: Employee training and skill development
Customer Service Academy is an excellent resource for team leaders tasked with training customer service agents. The podcast offers practical advice on soft skills, problem-solving, and optimizing customer interactions, making it ideal for team training initiatives.

6. Customer Service Revolution

Customer Service Revolution

Listen here

Best for: Disruptive ideas in customer service
The Customer Service Revolution podcast is all about turning traditional customer service norms on their head. By featuring revolutionary ideas and disruptive strategies, this podcast aims to guide businesses toward unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

7. Customer Experience Superheroes

Customer Experience Superheroes

Listen here

Best for: Innovative customer experience strategies
Customer Experience Superheroes is geared toward those who are looking to inject innovation into their CX strategies. It features discussions with customer experience professionals who share novel approaches and cutting-edge techniques to delight customers and keep them coming back.

8. Amazing Business Radio

Amazing Business Radio

Listen here

Best for: Tactical approaches to customer service excellence
Amazing Business Radio offers an array of tactical advice aimed at achieving customer service excellence. Featuring interviews with experts and business leaders, this podcast delves into actionable strategies that companies can implement immediately to strengthen their customer relations.

9. Future of Customer Service

Future of Customer Service

Listen here

Best for: Anticipating and adapting to future trends
The Future of Customer Service podcast is geared toward forward-thinking executives who are keen on staying ahead of the curve in customer service. It focuses on upcoming trends and technologies, making it essential for any business planning for the future.

10. Crack the Customer Code

Crack the Customer Code

Listen here

Best for: Understanding customer psychology
Crack the Customer Code provides a unique perspective on customer service by delving into customer psychology. The hosts discuss strategies for truly understanding what customers want, helping businesses tailor their service approaches more effectively.

11. Experience This!

Experience This!

Listen here

Best for: Enhancing the overall customer journey
The Experience This! podcast is designed for businesses striving to enhance the entire customer journey, from the initial interaction to post-purchase engagement. It shares ways to create memorable experiences that not only satisfy customers but also turn them into brand advocates.

12. Radically Personal

Radically Personal

Listen here

Best for: Personalization in customer service
The Radically Personal podcast showcases the power of personalization in customer service. By sharing expert opinions and case studies, it offers a comprehensive guide to making each customer interaction uniquely tailored, so businesses can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

13. Press 1 for Nick

Press 1 for Nick

Listen here

Best for: Unveiling the human side of customer service
Press 1 for Nick focuses on humanizing customer service. The podcast highlights the importance of empathy, communication, and genuine connections, providing insights that are key for businesses striving to make their customer service more relatable and effective.

14. The Customer Experience Podcast

The Customer Experience Podcast

Listen here

Best for: Leveraging video and visual communication
The Customer Experience Podcast by BombBomb emphasizes the significance of visual communication in customer service. Specializing in how video can personalize and enhance customer interactions, this podcast is particularly useful for businesses interested in modern communication strategies.

15. Customer Experience University – Winning Loyalty and Engagement One Customer at a Time

Customer Experience University

Listen here

Best for: In-depth study of customer engagement
Customer Experience University is a go-to resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of customer engagement and loyalty. The podcast offers a mix of academic and practical perspectives, so it’s an excellent tool for serious students of customer service.

16. Beyond the Queue: Inside Customer Support

Beyond the Queue

Listen here

Best for: Support team dynamics and workflow
Beyond the Queue delves into the operational aspects of customer support, including team dynamics, workflows, and toolsets. This podcast is great for managers and executives aiming to streamline their customer support processes and enhance team productivity.

17. The CX Leader Podcast with Steve Walker – A Resource for Customer Experience Leaders

The CX Leader Podcast

Listen here

Best for: Leadership in customer experience
The CX Leader Podcast with Steve Walker focuses on leadership skills that are essential for excelling in customer experience management. It covers strategic planning, team motivation, and driving cultural change, making it a valuable resource for senior executives in the field.

18. The Intuitive Customer – Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

The Intuitive Customer

Listen here

Best for: Behavioral economics in customer service
The Intuitive Customer podcast takes a deep dive into the psychological and behavioral aspects of customer service, employing principles of behavioral economics. It is ideal for those wanting to understand the motivations of customer behavior to drive growth.

19. Support Insights Podcast – CX and Customer Support Podcast by SentiSum

Support Insights Podcast

Listen here

Best for: Data-driven customer support
The Support Insights Podcast provides a data-driven approach to customer support and experience. This is an essential resource for businesses interested in leveraging analytics and metrics to improve their customer service operations.

20. Retain: The Customer Retention Podcast

Retain: The Customer Retention Podcast

Listen here

Best for: Customer retention strategies
As the name suggests, Retain focuses solely on customer retention strategies. This podcast is especially useful for businesses interested in reducing churn and maximizing lifetime customer value.

21. Delighted Customers Podcast

Delighted Customers Podcast

Listen here

Best for: Customer delight and loyalty
The Delighted Customers Podcast covers strategies for not just satisfying but delighting customers. Businesses aiming to convert satisfied customers into loyal advocates will find this podcast particularly helpful.

22. Customerland


Listen here

Best for: Customer service in retail and ecommerce
Customerland specifically focuses on customer service challenges in the retail and ecommerce sectors. It’s an invaluable resource for professionals dealing with customer-facing roles in these industries.

23. Unchurned


Listen here

Best for: Churn prevention and recovery
Unchurned is dedicated to strategies for preventing customer churn and recovering lost customers. The podcast is perfect for businesses that are facing high churn rates and looking for effective recovery solutions.

24. Creating Disney Magic

Creating Disney Magic

Listen here

Best for: Learning from industry leaders
Creating Disney Magic offers insights into the customer service principles that make Disney a leader in the field. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in learning from industry titans to improve their own customer service standards.

25. Talking Customer Success

Talking Customer Success

Listen here

Best for: Comprehensive customer success management
Talking Customer Success provides a broad perspective on customer success management. Hosted by Tom Connery, this podcast explores the different facets of customer success, making it a comprehensive resource for customer success professionals.

26. REALLY Know Your Customer

REALLY Know Your Customer

Listen here

Best for: Deep dives into customer understanding
Hosted by Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh, this podcast focuses on the necessity of deeply understanding your customers to deliver excellent service. It provides actionable insights and is especially useful for businesses looking to improve their customer personas and segmentation.

27. Customer Experience Leaders Chat

Customer Experience Leaders Chat

Listen here

Best for: Strategic conversations on CX
Customer Experience Leaders Chat offers strategic perspectives on improving customer experience. The podcast features interviews with industry experts and is well-suited for professionals seeking to strengthen their understanding of CX strategies.

28. Elevate Podcast

Elevate Podcast

Listen here

Best for: Fostering leadership and employee engagement
The Elevate Podcast hones in on the internal aspects of delivering exceptional customer service, such as effective leadership and employee engagement. It’s an essential resource for executives and managers who believe that company culture impacts customer satisfaction.

29. Practical AI: The Capacity for Good

Practical AI: The Capacity for Good

Listen here

Best for: AI integration in customer service
This podcast explores the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service. From chatbots to data analysis, it offers a practical guide to integrating AI into your customer service operations for enhanced efficiency and personalization.

30. The Support Automation Show

The Support Automation Show

Listen here

Best for: Automating customer support processes
As its name implies, The Support Automation Show is dedicated to the automation of customer support processes. It provides insights and advice for businesses looking to improve efficiency and effectiveness through automation technologies.

31. CCW Digital: A Customer Service Online Platform

CCW Digital

Listen here

Best for: Multichannel customer service strategies
CCW Digital focuses on multichannel customer service strategies, from social media to email and beyond. This podcast is particularly beneficial for companies wanting to create a seamless, integrated customer service experience across various platforms.

32. CX Conversations

CX Conversations

Listen here

Best for: Pan-industry customer experience insights
CX Conversations delivers insights into the customer experience across different industries. Featuring interviews with experts and thought leaders, the show is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in improving CX.

33. Customer Experience Insights

Customer Experience Insights

Listen here

Best for: Data-driven customer experience strategies
Customer Experience Insights is a research-based podcast that delves into data and studies related to CX. This podcast is especially valuable for professionals needing to make informed, research-backed decisions in customer experience.

34. CX Decoded By CMSWire

CX Decoded By CMSWire

Listen here

Best for: Technological advances in customer experience
CX Decoded discusses how technology is changing the landscape of customer experience. It provides insights into the latest tools and technologies that can be leveraged to enhance customer service and experience.

35. Doing CX Right with Stacy Sherman

Doing CX Right‬ with Stacy Sherman

Listen here

Best for: Practical customer experience implementation
Hosted by Stacy Sherman, Doing CX Right centers around practical ways to implement good customer experience strategies in everyday business. It’s a can’t-miss podcast for businesses seeking actionable tips and methodologies to improve their customer interactions.

Why you should listen to customer service podcasts as a B2B executive

Build a strong customer service team

For any business, the backbone of customer satisfaction lies in having a competent and dedicated customer service team. Podcasts led by industry leaders offer actionable strategies for recruiting the right talent, training them to excel in customer-centric roles, and managing them in a way that maximizes both employee and customer satisfaction. Customer service podcasts often include interviews with human resources professionals who have a proven track record in creating stellar service teams, so you can learn different approaches to team building.

Enhance customer retention strategies

Customer retention is not just a cost-saving strategy but also a revenue-driving one. Through podcasts, B2B executives can access a wealth of insights into customer psychology, loyalty programs, and personalized service. Episodes often feature case studies showing how different retention strategies have worked in various industries, allowing you to adapt successful tactics to your business model. This curated information helps executives find new ways to increase customer lifetime value and reduce churn.

Boost business reputation

In the era of social media and online reviews, maintaining a strong business reputation is more crucial than ever. Listening to podcasts can help executives understand how to manage and respond to customer feedback, both positive and negative. You’ll learn how to convert critics into brand advocates and how to leverage positive feedback to build trust. A robust reputation management strategy will not only help you retain customers but also attract new ones, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.

How to implement lessons from customer service podcasts

  • Start to improve your customer service

    Effective implementation is the bridge between knowledge and results. Podcasts can provide you with a plethora of ideas, but those ideas are futile unless applied. Whether it’s automating certain customer service functions for efficiency, improving communication channels for better customer interaction, or developing data-driven service models, the key is to take action. Some podcasts even provide step-by-step guides or action items at the end of episodes, so you can implement what you’ve learned quickly.
  • Effectively train your service team

    In a field that evolves as rapidly as customer service, the concept of “set it and forget it” does not apply. Your team must continually be up to date on the latest trends, tools, and techniques to provide top-notch service. Podcasts are an excellent tool for ongoing education, often featuring episodes that focus on effective training programs, e-learning platforms, and skills assessment metrics that you can integrate into your own training methodologies.
  • Maintain high customer service standards

    Consistency is the cornerstone of excellent customer service. To maintain high standards, you need to measure performance against key metrics regularly. Podcasts often delve into the KPIs that matter in customer service, discuss the intricacies of service audits, and explore strategies for improving team morale. By keeping a pulse on industry standards through regular podcast engagement, your organization can sustain its commitment to exceptional customer service.
  • Tune in and level up

    In a business landscape where great CX is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage, it’s critical for executives and customer service professionals to continuously develop their skills and knowledge.
    These podcasts serve as invaluable resources for anyone committed to customer service excellence. They provide a wide range of insights and strategies that can be readily implemented to positively impact your business. Whether you’re building a customer service team from the ground up or looking to fine-tune your tactics, the podcasts listed above offer a wealth of information that can help you succeed in your mission.
    By making these podcasts a part of your regular learning routine, you’re taking a proactive step toward boosting not just your customer service performance, but also the overall success of your business.

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