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True stories of customer service ROI

Last updated September 21, 2021

Any manager whose business thrives when customers are happy immediately understands the value of excellent customer service. The connection between customer satisfaction and future revenue is well established. The business challenge lies in providing exceptional customer service while at the same time maintaining cost-effective operations. The system used to support customer service has a significant impact on both business outcomes and costs.

Based on in-depth interviews with Zendesk customers, this paper investigates the value that customers have received from their investments in Zendesk, a cloud application for better customer service.

These customers reported significant, measurable operational savings from their use of Zendesk, in addition to gaining a wide range of qualitative business benefits. Frequently reported areas of quantifiable value include:

— Increased agent productivity
— Decreased ticket volume
— Avoided costs for in-house deployment

This paper also considers other key benefits experienced by Zendesk users including increased visibility, accountability, better customer service, and flexibility.

Download the full report: True stories of customer service ROI

Zendesk commissioned Dimensional Research to interview active customers in order to obtain in-depth customer feedback on the actual value received. Dimensional Research conducted telephone interviews with Zendesk customers, and this report is a summary of those conversations.

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