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Customer retention

Revenue churn: What it is + how to calculate it

Understanding your revenue churn is a crucial first step in improving your operations and fostering long-term loyalty. Learn about this important concept below.

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1 min read

How to write a customer apology letter: 25 templates + examples

An effective customer apology can prevent customer churn and even build customer loyalty. Get our free customer apology letter templates now.

4 min read

Customer win-back campaigns: How to build one + 10 templates

Customer churn can cause issues for any business. Learn how to create effective customer win-back campaigns, and download our templates to reengage with consumers.

2 min read

The customer-first strategy: Why it’s crucial to your business

In the third episode of the Conversations with Zendesk podcast, business experts discuss why it's important to adopt a customer-first strategy.

2 min read

Customer pain points: How to identify and resolve (+ examples)

You’ve likely come across pain points in your life—road work causing a traffic jam or a…

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Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

12 min read

42 customer thank you card ideas to show your appreciation

Show your customers how much their business means to you with our thank you note samples and email templates.

4 min read

Retain your customer base through a recession

During an economic slowdown, there are steps you can take to maintain, and even grow, your existing customer base. Deepen customer relationships by delivering seamless, personalized CX on all channels.

4 min read

The impact of AI within customer service during an economic downturn

Preparing for change is an always-on job. Focus on where you can see the highest return on your service investments and enable tools and features that result in both cost and time savings.

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