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Get ready for the future of AI in customer experience

Consider this your one-stop shop to learn about AI for CX.

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Hear that? It’s the deafening buzz of AI chatter—chatter about AI and chatter about another awkward transcript from ChatGPT. It’s tempting for businesses to deploy technology like generative AI in a trend-induced panic, and we know it is better to deploy strategically with the customer and human CX professionals top of mind. Still, it can be difficult to know which AI innovation will burn out and which will be with us for the long term, across industries and job functions.

Zendesk has been in the customer service game for a long time, so we know a few things about keeping it customer-centric amid ever-louder hype. For CX and IT professionals, that means focusing on delivering an excellent customer experience. Maybe that means learning more about Zendesk AI, a technology created with the intelligence of billions of customer interactions. Or maybe that just means learning more about AI for CX: why you should care, why your boss should care, and more.

Ready for the future of CX?

Skill up for the latest to share in your next team meeting, presentation, or individual study (you go-getter, you).


“How much does it cost?” and “what problems will it solve?” are top of mind for software vendor decision-makers. We’ve got the definitive playbook for controlling costs with AI, designed to equip you for those conversations about budget, process, team optimization, and, of course, the impact of AI on customer experience.

Generative AI is here to stay. And it’s up to every CX professional to learn how it can impact a customer’s experience with a brand, well before that visitor even thinks about needing customer service.

You can use ChatGPT for customer service, but you still need your human agents and admins to make it a great experience.

AI ethics are a safeguard against biases, privacy violations, and other missteps that can land companies in hot water. As AI evolves, leaders must learn how to use AI for CX ethically.


We’ve got you covered on how-to videos, including one on generative AI for agents. Spoiler alert—there’s technology that adjusts for tone on even your worst day, amid the biggest backlog of tickets. Check out and subscribe to the Zendesk AI YouTube playlist so you don’t miss a beat.

Meet Derek, MEBO, SCR33CH, and Serenit-E from the Help My AI series, a fun take on the serious pain points facing customers, agents, and businesses with hastily deployed—or just plain substandard—technology. At least one person on your team, in your life, or possibly even in your household can relate to these.


Zendesk is sponsoring the LinkedIn podcast, The Path. Hit the play button below to listen to a sponsored episode, featuring an interstitial interview with our CEO, Tom Eggemeier, about how Zendesk AI can help companies provide more intelligent experiences for their customers.

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