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10 new Zendesk integrations for a jumpstart on better customer service

Last updated September 20, 2021

We need leap years to keep our calendars in sync. In addition to a little extra time, leap years come with superstition, random facts, and strange traditions. In homage to Zendesk’s Danish roots, here’s an example: In Denmark, if a man refuses a woman’s marriage proposal during a leap year (ladies, this is the year to take charge), he owes her 12 pairs of gloves.

That alone might be a reason to pop the question, but of course (in modern days and leap year aside), our calendars are more complicated—and harder to keep in sync—than ever. That’s why it’s great news that among these new Zendesk integrations you’ll find two apps aimed specifically at keeping your support team’s scheduling running smooth. Read on to learn more about all our latest apps and integrations.

Badgeville is an enterprise-wide business gamification solution that combines award-winning products with industry-leading expertise. Badgeville can help gamify the Zendesk support ticket workflow, helping to motivate your agents. Whenever a Zendesk ticket is updated, created, solved, and so on, Badgeville’s Reward Definitions can be leveraged to set daily, weekly, or monthly goals at an organization level. You can display agents’ progress toward these goals through visualizations in the Zendesk ticket sidebar. Agents can see their personal stats as well as where they rank among colleagues. Flow Flow allows both developers and non-developers to connect software, systems, sensors, and devices using an intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface. Flow’s Visual Designer allows you to create workflows that can automate repetitive tasks and orchestrate sophisticated business processes across multiple systems, including Zendesk.

The Smartling Translation Connector provides a seamless link between your Zendesk Help Center and Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform to create a powerful solution for managing multilingual content. The Translation Connector is easily configured without developer support and allows your translation resources quick access to your Help Center content. Once the content is translated, you can manually update content or Smartling can do it for you with automatic pushes to your Help Center.

NimbleSchedule makes employee scheduling and time tracking simple by providing an easy, convenient way for agents to stay on top of their schedule. By embedding NimbleSchedule inside Zendesk, agents can clock in/out for their shifts, view their upcoming schedule, request time off, and more.

Humanity is a global workforce management platform that enables managers to optimize the use of their most precious resource: their people. With staff scheduling at its core, Humanity layers in forecasting and links to third-party software to optimize scheduling according to your needs and business drivers. With this new Zendesk integration, you can easily sync your agents into Humanity, along with their attributes from Zendesk, bidirectionally. By scheduling your staff against known email, chat, and call volumes, your staff will never be over- or under-scheduled.

Notion helps you manage, capture, and share your team’s performance metrics and KPIs in a single location because the story behind your data is often just as important as the data you’re tracking. See Zendesk analytics alongside data from your team and other tools, like Pivotal Tracker, to answer questions like: “What’s the real end-to-end time for a ticket?” or “Did a dip in team confidence result in a spike in support tickets?” Easily track KPIs based on your Zendesk metrics and visualize custom KPIs on your dashboards.

We Help SMS
We Help SMS is an advanced yet simple SMS integration for Zendesk, providing you with the option of supporting your customers through texting. When you activate a number through We Help SMS’s service, customers can text you at that number to create Zendesk tickets. When you respond to the tickets using Zendesk, customers receive the response via text.

Kore streamlines business operations and communications with a single, simple, message-based interface. Kore’s platform drives workplace productivity with powerful “bots,” allowing users to receive alerts from the systems they use and send information back to those systems from a message. You can easily connect your Zendesk account to send notifications to and from Kore so your team can receive the alerts they need in the place they check the most.

RevampCRM takes CRM automation to a new level by bringing “Continuous Automation” to all CRM aspects. This allows users to dynamically collect and segment leads and assign workflows, setting sales and marketing activities on cruise control. Workflows allow you to send emails and check responses, update scores, tag contacts, create tasks, send notifications, and dynamically divert to other workflows. With this integration, you can view Zendesk tickets within RevampCRM and use ticket data to automate marketing and sales activities according to customer support patterns.

IZBERG Marketplace
IZBERG Marketplace is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that turns any website or mobile app to a multi-seller platform. With the new IZBERG Marketplace app in Zendesk, you can easily find and view customer order information as it relates to the Zendesk ticket you’re working on to gain a complete picture of what your customer is asking about.

We’ve got an extra day, so make the most of it. Then, tomorrow, head to the apps marketplace for integrations that will help you make the most of every day, all year.

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