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Team efficiency

21 ways to improve team productivity

Follow these 21 tips to improve team productivity and keep your team running like a well-oiled machine.

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The guide to customizing your customer service software

Zendesk's adaptable Agent Workspace is the modern solution to handling classic customer service issues like high ticket volume and complex queries. This guide explores new features that make agents' jobs easier.

5 min read

The value of agent education and training during economic slowdowns

With rising customer expectations around better service in today’s macroeconomic environment, it’s important to lean on customer education programs to boost agent knowledge and productivity—and to help your business retain customers.

10 min read

How tech scale-ups can improve customer experience using data

When your go-to-market (GTM) teams can easily access customer information, you can create a better experience for your employees and customers. Here's how to give GTM teams access to key data across different customer platforms and ensure GDPR compliance.

6 min read

Top ways to drive collaboration between support and development teams

Collaboration between CSAs and developers can be difficult at best—and a blocker at worst—which can have disastrous impacts on customer support success metrics. But there's a better way.

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Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

9 min read

13 strategies for scaling customer support teams successfully

One challenge of growing a business is ensuring your customer service stays consistent. Learn how to scale your customer support without sacrificing quality.

2 min read

What is a CDP? Customer data platform use cases, tips, and more

Learn how to use a CDP to align your customer service, marketing, and sales teams for a better customer experience.

15 min read

Building and managing a virtual support team

Virtual teams present different challenges and opportunities from those of an onsite team. Radical trust and…

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