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Community Tip: Include end-user browser information via Help Center

By Martijn Snels

Last updated January 24, 2022

Browser information is very important to have on hand when supporting a customer. But it isn’t always easy to send browser information over when creating a ticket.

In this Community Tip, we’ll cover an easy method for sending over browser information when creating a ticket in the Help Center. This method will automatically grab all important information for your team and include it into a hidden text area in your Help Center.

The solution looks something like this:

Browser info Community Tip Zendesk

The steps we’ll cover include:

  • Create a Custom Ticket Field and choose the Multi-line field. Make sure it’s visible and editable for your end-user.

  • After creating the field grab the ID. You can easily find this ID by pressing Edit in the Ticket Field list The Field ID will be on the top of the page.

  • Copy this code and paste it in your New Request template below all other HTML code. Change the browserfield_id in the top of the code to your Field ID. You could disable the Flash detection by deleting the first row.

Head to the forums for a step-by-step explanation

This community tip is from Martijn Snels, a consultant at pluscloud.

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