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How to make your Marketplace listing shine

Optimizing your listing can not only boost install numbers but also help you get in front of the right customers. Here are ways to stand out from the crowd.

By Alyssa Vargas, Marketplace Operations Manager, Zendesk

Last updated May 15, 2024

It’s fair to say that the Zendesk Marketplace is buzzing with app activity. In my four years as Marketplace Operations Manager, the number of apps available has skyrocketed from 927 to 1,542—that’s a leap of more than 600!

And it’s not slowing down. We’re currently adding 200 to 300 net apps per year, which begs the question: With so many great options vying for customers’ attention, how can you make your app listings shine?

First things first. Let’s take a peek at what the Marketplace is all about.

The Zendesk Marketplace is an online platform where customers can discover and install apps that serve as solutions for both extending product functionality and complementing their existing Zendesk setup. In other words, it’s a free and open space that brings more value to customers and has the potential to increase your install numbers.


1,542 apps are currently listed on the Zendesk Marketplace.

But keep in mind—there’s more to measuring success than the number of customers using your app. User search, the kind of customer you’re trying to attract, and CSAT score should also be taken into consideration. And even in this digital day and age, never underestimate the power of word of mouth: Informal reviews can be as effective at bringing in new customers as formal ones.

Enhancing app visibility

To make yourself more visible, we’ve got a few pointers you can put into practice. After all, we love beautiful listings that can be approved without a lot of back and forth.

Keep it fresh

Revise your app listings as often as needed, like when new features are added. While every three to six months is a general recommendation, you should decide when information needs a little refresh.

It’s also crucial to keep contact information up to date. Customers must know how to get in touch with you when they need support or have comments—and their feedback should not be ignored. Valuing customer feedback is something all our top-rated apps have in common. Listen to what people have to say and, if necessary, implement changes.

As SweetHawk CEO Tom Hissink says: “One of the smartest moves we made early on? Tapping into user feedback. A few heartfelt reviews can work wonders.”

Keep it concise

The title and short description should grab readers’ attention with a brief idea of what your app does. Make sure to include keywords for searchability that’ll put your product front and center of searches. Ask yourself: What would a potential customer be searching for, and are those terms included?

“If you want to be discoverable inside the Marketplace, you need to craft a catchy title not necessarily related to your brand name,” explains Thomas de Becdelièvre, co-founder of SnapCall.

Keep it creative

The long description is your chance to dive into the nitty-gritty of what your app brings to the table, and why you’re a better option than the competition. Bullet points are your friend—ensure all key info is easily digestible.

Throw caution to the wind and don’t be afraid to really “sell” your app. Include all features, functionalities, benefits, and pricing information (be crystal clear on pricing models—customers value transparency).

Keep it simple

Make your description engaging and user-friendly. People don’t want to get lost in a sea of techie jargon, so plain language is the order of the day. Speaking in a way that everyone can understand not only communicates what your app does more clearly, it also helps your app earn higher visibility.

Last but not least, provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation instructions. While people are generally familiar with installing apps, it’s best to err on the side of caution and write as if the customer is installing one for the first time.

Creating picture-perfect app listings

Adding visuals, or short videos and demos, is a great way to illustrate your app’s key functions. All relevant information and guidelines can be found in our developer documentation. High-quality screenshots that show the interface, workflows, and unique features are valuable aids to people browsing the marketplace, and they help break up chunks of copy.

Hissink adds, “A video isn’t just a ‘nice to have’—it’s a necessity. It’s like offering a backstage pass to your app’s experience. For [SweetHawk], a clickable thumbnail linked to an intriguing video was the golden ticket.”


Meanwhile, sign-up links to business resources do a lot of the heavy lifting. Prospects may have questions, so pointing them in the direction of in-depth information lends them a hand in educating themselves on what you’re about.

Engage with the Zendesk Marketplace itself, too. Respond to comments and encourage satisfied customers to post reviews—positive feedback can significantly increase your app’s credibility and attractiveness.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Sparkly’s Kay Heunen has some valuable insights on finding success in the Zendesk Marketplace: “Adding headings significantly improves the readability of your listing. Also, make sure to list the most common use cases, and use at least 300 words for your entire listing.”

Shine on

Now you’re all set for app listing success! Here are three final tips for standing out in the Marketplace:

  1. Include a user-friendly description: Boost interest by clearly defining how your app can benefit prospective customers.
  2. Make the visuals appealing: Three screenshots are the bare minimum, but you can use more to break up text or illustrate app features.
  3. Tap into reviews: Encourage customers to leave comments and reviews so others will have confidence in your app.

For more information on refreshing your app or submitting a listing to the Zendesk Marketplace, click here.

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