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Communicating, collaborating, connecting: What I learned in my time as a Zendesk Partner

Here’s how to make the most of your partnership with Zendesk.

By Ivy Clark, Senior Manager, Business Operations at Zendesk

Last updated May 22, 2024

I was a proud Zendesk Partner even before Zendesk acquired Tymeshift. My journey on both sides of the partnership has provided me with a unique perspective, allowing me to appreciate the strengths of each role from each standpoint.

During my four and a half years at Tymeshift, my primary focus revolved around nurturing the Zendesk partnership. My role involved understanding the dynamics of Zendesk and developing strategies to leverage our collaboration.

Today, my role at Zendesk is evolving to prioritize the organization and optimization of go-to-market strategy and operations, with an emphasis on workforce engagement management.

Nurture relationships and reap the rewards

Partnering with Zendesk changed everything for Tymeshift—we could tap into a broad customer base, opening doors to new opportunities and insights. This elevated the business and facilitated meaningful connections with exceptional individuals and leaders.

The valuable experiences that came about allowed Tymeshift to engage with diverse professionals while showcasing a unified commitment to customer growth and satisfaction.

Looking back, I wish I had a clearer vision of how important it is to have a deeper understanding of navigating diverse GTM teams. The support they offer Partners plays a major role in the overall strategy and execution of bringing products and solutions to market, so tapping into their expertise is crucial to mutual success. That means the dynamics and resources within the broader GTM landscape are a great way to enrich partnerships.

Another key benefit to leverage is Partner Connect, Zendesk’s dedicated portal where Partners can access sales and marketing updates, upcoming event information, and more. This is a great opportunity to cultivate curiosity and explore the content. My advice? Ask questions—everything you need is at your fingertips.

By adopting effective communication practices, you establish a solid foundation for successful interactions, which in turn enables you to contribute to the achievement of shared goals.

Tips for Partners, from an ex-Partner

Building and fostering connections is what it’s all about. If you take the right steps to ensure their vitality by practicing effective communication, you’ve got the foundation of successful interactions needed to achieve collective goals.

A good way to elevate your partnership with Zendesk is by taking a strategic approach. If you immerse yourself in the dynamic Partner community, strengthening collaboration and knowledge exchange, you can cultivate relationships with dedicated Partner teams.

Attend events, expand your network, and make it count. This comprehensive strategy guarantees not only a rich and diverse network but also a continuous flow of information and awareness, putting your business at the forefront of industry advancements.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned, and wish I’d known from the very beginning, is the importance of casting a wide net and engaging in conversations with everyone. The insights derived from interacting with people of all industries serve as a powerful catalyst, ensuring a substantial and impactful difference in your journey as a Partner. Leave a lasting impression—that’s the simple recipe for making your partnership successful.

Take a major leap with the Zendesk Technology Program

One powerful way businesses can leverage their partnership is to enroll in the Zendesk Technology Partner Program. This allows you to:

  1. Set clear expectations of what it means to be a Zendesk Tech Alliances Partner.

  2. Create a path for success to receive higher-value benefits.

  3. Present various opportunities for co-sell, marketing, enablement, and development.

At its core, the Zendesk Technology Partner Program was specifically designed to provide a path to success for all Technology Partners that have a published app on the Zendesk Marketplace. As you strengthen your relationship with Zendesk and its joint customers, you receive higher-value benefits. You can learn more about it and start your journey now by visiting the Partner Programs page.

3 things you can do to make the most of your partnership with Zendesk

An icon shows a chart.
Tap into Zendesk’s expertise to elevate your business and achieve mutual success
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Be present and nurture relationships to foster collaboration and knowledge
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Become familiar with the Zendesk Technology Partner Program

What does the future hold for Zendesk partnerships?

The exciting thing about partnering with Zendesk is how dynamic it is, especially nowadays when tech innovations are sprouting up every day. Zendesk is now evolving its product offerings and technology, creating new opportunities and opening doors to Partner areas we may not have previously leaned into as much, such as AI.

It’s almost hard to keep up, but it presents a really interesting opportunity. It’s a great moment for new and existing Partners to embrace and capitalize on it. As a Partner, staying up to date was made easy by following the Zendesk Partners page on LinkedIn and subscribing to the monthly newsletter exclusive for Partners. Not sure if you’re currently subscribed? Simply go to the Partner Portal, visit the news tab, and confirm your preferences.

There’s also a fantastic opportunity with tangential use cases: areas outside of Zendesk’s core market. For example, we’ve always served the employee experience/service market—after all, employees are customers, too. But nowadays, we’re becoming more intentional in capturing this market that requires a slightly different set of Partners and integrations. That could be a whole new ecosystem, which is exciting, so look out for further developments down the line.

As we either acquire or build our way through some new use cases or functionalities, for some partners, it may seem like the partner “door” is closing—in reality, it is opening.

Want to learn more about becoming a Zendesk Partner? Visit the Partner Programs page to get started.

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