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Report: The State of CX Maturity among Midsize and Enterprise Companies of Asia Pacific

A lot goes into delivering a great customer experience (CX), but it can be hard to know where to make the most strategic investments. To help businesses make good, data-driven decisions, Zendesk partnered with ESG Research to build a framework around CX maturity and CX success. The findings for midsize and enterprise companies based in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region are summarized in this report: The State of CX Maturity among Midsize and Enterprise Companies: Research Shows Advancing CX Maturity is a Mission-critical Mandate.

After interviewing CX leaders from all over the world, ESG identified four levels of CX maturity: the Champions, the Emerging, the Risers, and the Starters. Respectively, those are: businesses with a boast-worthy, well-oiled CX operation, businesses that are well on their way to CX excellence, businesses that are still gaining ground, and businesses that are at risk of falling behind. This report is based on survey data from business decision makers based in Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.

Learn how CX stacks up in APAC:

  1. Organizations in Singapore tend to struggle most with agent retention: 18% report this as very challenging, significantly more than their counterparts in Australia (8%), Japan (6%), and South Korea (7%).

  2. Champions are 13.8% more likely to exceed customer satisfaction goals than their counterparts.

  3. Champions are 52% more likely to have more flexible remote work policies, compared with 34% of Starters.

The results are in

Advancing CX maturity is a mission-critical mandate.

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