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Stop for a CX moment—4 industry leaders on thriving under adversity

By Martha Castro, Staff Writer

Last updated July 14, 2022

As the world adjusts to the “new reality” of the pandemic, industry leaders look back on what has worked well for them and share advice about what to expect in the future. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from recent interviews with industry leaders, as part of Zendesk’s CX Moments virtual events series.

Simplr and Black Rifle Coffee Company: Focus on neglected customers

Expectations for customer support are at an all-time high. In fact, 72 percent of online customers said response time was, or is, more important during the pandemic. Simplr, a customer service outsourcing company, recommends paying attention to what they call your “now” customers—those who demand immediate solutions but feel neglected. Simplr’s CMO Daniel Rodriguez points out that those are potential customers that your business might be missing out on without even noticing. “The neglected ‘now’ customer is a hidden multimillion dollar opportunity,” says Rodriguez.

The neglected “now” customer is a hidden multimillion dollar opportunity.

Black Rifle Coffee Company has partnered with Simplr to improve its customer experience. The veteran-owned coffee company uses Zendesk to analyze tickets and better understand its customers and identify why they may feel neglected or unhappy.“We are putting it in our minds and in our mission to basically have customer experience be part of our product,” says Heather Collins, Black Rifle’s customer engagement manager.

Here are Simplr and BRCC’s tips to improving your customer support:

  • Ditch support service hours—customers should be able to access support at any time.

  • Be on every channel that your customers use.

  • See customer support as a revenue driver and work to convert unhappy customers into frequent buyers.

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    Plexus: Invest in self service

    Your customers want to access support at any time—and that’s where self-service comes in. For Louis Ross, VP of customer service at Plexus, self-service is the “holy grail” of customer support. He explains that consumers want to try solving problems on their own before calling an agent. “Self-service has to be easy and allows customers to find what they’re looking for,” says Ross.
    He recommends starting simple—write articles that answer questions you see most often. You can then add more features, such as a community forum where customers can answer each other’s questions. “If you’re trying to build your brand, answer customers’ questions and provide great service to your marketplace—self-service is the cornerstone,” says Ross.

    Cloudbeds: Technology is your best friend

    Cloudbeds, a company offering hospitality management software, saw hotel reservations plummet during the pandemic and decided to adapt and pivot its business. CEO Adam Harris shares that Cloudbeds provided its software to frontline workers, helping to manage bed availability in hospitals and nursing homes. The company also rallied its usual partners—hotels and other accommodations across the globe—to provide housing for those who didn’t have a place to stay or didn’t want to put their families at risk.

    For the most part, technology just enables us to be better communicators.

    Cloudbeds has a track record of using technology innovatively. Before the pandemic, the company already worked remotely. While some businesses want to go back into offices to strengthen bonding between employees, Harris says that a physical location is not what should drive company culture.

    Harris thinks that working remotely is beneficial to the work experience at Cloudbeds. He explains that Zoom allows teams to solve problems more quickly, since employees can hop on a call from anywhere in the world. He also built a system where employees offer executives anonymous feedback. By using employee feedback to implement change, Harris believes Cloudbeds has fostered a culture where everyone feels valued. “For the most part, technology just enables us to be better communicators,” says Harris.

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