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Tip of the week: Markdown embedded images

By Evan Joel

Last updated January 26, 2024

Want to take advantage of adding screenshots to my tickets using markdown? If you don’t have an image host or aren’t yet using rich text editing in your Zendesk, then this tip of the week is for you.

To upload an image and use it as an embedded image like you would do in markdown, simply drag-and-drop or attach your screenshot to the ticket. Then, right-click the attachment at the bottom and copy the URL and use this to embed your image.

This helps avoid the need for a third-party image host for markdown embedded images.


    • This tip does not work if you have Private Attachments enabled (Admin > Tickets > Attachments).

    • Make sure you click the attachment link in the ticket to open the attached image in a modal box. Then, right-click the image and select click Copy image URL. Do not click on the image link before opening the attachment, which opens a new browser tab. The URL in the new browser tab will not work, as this includes a temporary token.

    Head to the forums for this tip in greater detail

    Keep the knowledge flowing! For more tips like this, check out Zendesk’s Tip of the Week collection.

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