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Agent scheduling: Benefits + best practices

Effective agent scheduling can help optimize operations and improve the customer and employee experience. Learn the benefits and best practices in our guide.

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6 min read

5 ways WFM for agents is great, explained by a former agent

Workforce management provides several benefits to agents, including improved focus, additional resources, and valuable assistance.

4 min read

AI is transforming the role of CX agents—see what they expect and when

Learn what 600 CX leaders and agents predict the future of their industry will look like leaning into AI over the next few years.

3 min read

Zendesk acquires Tymeshift, bringing AI-powered workforce management to customers

The acquisition furthers the company’s commitment to offer innovative omnichannel and AI capabilities powering exceptional customer experiences.

6 min read

How AI is boosting agent intelligence—and evolving the CX team

Agents and AI must work hand in hand to deliver the kinds of experiences that keep customers coming back.

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Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

9 min read

5 banking customer experience trends to consider for 2024

Banks that consistently optimize the customer experience grow faster. Here are trends and best practices to help guide your CX strategy—and drive customer relationships that last.

6 min read

What is agent experience? (+ why it's good for customers, too)

Does a satisfied customer create a satisfied employee? Does a satisfied employee create a satisfied customer?…

11 min read

18 customer service tips to win over your customers

Support leaders seeking to meet rising customer expectations can take advantage of a customer service advice from the experts.

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