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Workflow efficiency

23 workforce management metrics to optimize your operations

From head count to average handle time, here are 23 workforce management metrics you can use to understand your business better and hit your performance goals.

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What is a workforce manager? (+ How to become one)

Workforce managers bring workforce management initiatives to life and ensure processes hit peak productivity. Learn more about these managers in our guide.

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Workforce planning template: 7 examples + tips

Even the best strategy can fail without a comprehensive checklist. Check out our seven workforce planning templates to nail your organizational strategy.

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5 ways omnichannel routing helps you manage operations effectively

Learn more about routing and live reporting solutions available within the Agent Workspace and five ways these solutions can help you manage your operations more effectively.

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Why CX teams need automated privacy tools

Learn how privacy workflow automation promotes stronger data security and increased efficiency for your CX team.

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How customer success operations improves customer service

Customer success operations (CS Ops) can take your customer service—and team performance—to the next level.

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Sales vs. marketing: The differences and how they work together

Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin. Both affect your sales pipeline, and each depends on the other. Here's what makes them different and why it matters for your bottom line.

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Better customer experiences with omnichannel engagement

Designing a support experience that enables you to have natural conversations with your customers regardless of…

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