Searchable Knowledge Base

I don't have ducks. I don't have a row. I have squirrels and they are going nuts! Do you ever feel like this? Support teams have a lot of knowledge about customer issues—and the best way to solve them. This knowledge is like the gathered nuts, and you don't want those nuts stored in many secret hidey-holes. You need the knowledge collected in one place that is accessible to all.

Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base that helps tap into that institutional knowledge and puts it to work.


With Guide, you can quickly build a customizable help center, online community, and customer portal, so customers get better self-service and agents see improved efficiency and faster resolution. And since it’s the only knowledge base native to Zendesk, it integrates seamlessly with Zendesk Support.


Guide helps you:
  • Grow what you know - Capture your agents’ collective knowledge and build on it over time to respond to support requests more effectively
  • Give them the good stuff - Give customers the most relevant answers and information automatically—and in context—for a faster self-service experience
  • Be better with bots - AI powered Answer Bot* can resolve high-frequency, low-touch tickets by sending customers relevant articles while they wait for an agent
  • Get smarter as you go - Measure and score the popularity and effectiveness of your content to see what needs work, and what you should write next

The right fit for your business

Zendesk Support works with Guide to make your searchable knowledge base smarter. When customers use self-service, Guide tracks that activity and sends it to Support in the form of contextual insights in Pathfinder that help agents analyze customer activity and solve tickets faster. This info is fed back into Guide, which continuously improves and refines the info it offers to both agents and customers. Let's get quacking! Start today with a free trial. Your ducks don't have to be in a row. That would be boring, but let's get them all in the same pond with Guide.

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