Celebrating 300 apps

Celebrating 300 apps

May 29, 2015
Celebrating 300 apps

This month we are excited to share that we have reached a new milestone in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. We thoroughly enjoy working with all of our wonderful partners to build all of these apps and integrations and want to celebrate all of their work and creativity. Today we are proud to announce Instabug as big number 300!

Instabug is the easiest way for mobile users to test and report bugs in your mobile app directly from their own devices. If your mobile app user runs into an issue in the app, all they have to do is shake their device to start a report and Instabug will help take care of the rest. A screenshot is captured, your users can draw on the image, capture device details, and then send this off in a Zendesk ticket. Your support team can then diagnose and possibly escalate the ticket as a bug to your development team with just one click.

LiveOps is one of the leading cloud contact center solutions, helping you to better engage with your customers. By seamlessly integrating with Zendesk, LiveOps has brought their telephony capabilities directly into Zendesk in the form of an app. This gives you access to powerful tools like click to dial, automated ticket creation for phone calls, screen popping of tickets, and embedding call information into tickets. This integration lets you place and make calls without ever having to leave the Zendesk console and helps to manage every customer case with faster resolutions.

Office@Hand is a complete, cloud-based business phone system that allows your employees to work from anywhere.The system allows your agents to make or receive any calls using the Office@Hand phone system and take your calls directly inside Zendesk. Incoming callers are automatically matched to existing client records and displayed. Agent productivity is increased when tickets are automatically created and displayed when a call arrives.

GeoFluent Translator
GeoFluent Translator is the industry’s only cloud-based, customized, and real-time translation solution. Built on top of Microsoft Translator, GeoFluent allows for real-time conversations and content sharing with users who speak, read, and write different languages. GeoFluent has created an app in Zendesk that can help you translate ticket content and help you provide a response back to your customers in their native language. Provide multilingual support, without having a multilingual team by pairing Zendesk with GeoFluent Translator.

Membrain is a sales improvement platform that helps your team fine tune your sales process and provide coaching to help your sales people hit their target. Keep your sales and support teams aligned by making all of your support requests from Zendesk visible to your sales team. The Membrain integration gives teams a full and complete view of what is happening to a customer before they engage further. You can even have the integration create accounts in Zendesk to help automate the handover from sales to support.

Wombat is an integration platform specifically designed to help you manage your e-commerce stores. Wombat works with all the leading storefront platforms and helps you connect them to your mission-critical services, such as warehouses, drop shippers, accounting, and, of course, Zendesk! Use Wombat to push data from any of the available sources into Zendesk so your support team has all the pertinent information they need when handling a support request. Feed information that you might need about a customer from Zendesk back into your e-commerce storefront.

Centrify Identity Service is a cloud-based solution that leverages existing identity infrastructure to enable single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and enterprise mobility management. Centrify automated provisioning and de-provisioning of users, based on role and group membership, enables IT to centrally provision new Zendesk users, create custom access policies, and automatically revoke access when needed. SAML support extends single sign-on (SSO) to desktop and mobile devices so users can access from all their devices without having to remember multiple usernames or passwords. With Centrify for Zendesk, IT saves time and money to deploy and manage Zendesk and other cloud apps, while increasing user adoption, satisfaction and productivity.

Head over to the Apps Marketplace to see all our apps and integrations

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