Courting Your Repeat Customers With Twickets

February 8, 2011

Here at MarketMeSuite, we’re constantly trying to find ways to turn followers into customers, but then it dawned on us, what about REPEAT customers? So when Zendesk announced a new capability for turning tweets into support tickets, or “Twickets,” we were right there to implement it into MarketMeSuite. And now, with the current release of its enhanced Twitter integration, we are thrilled to unroll our special “Zendesk button.”

Businesses are looking for one thing.  Actionable leads. But sometimes we can all forget the easiest customers to get to open up their wallets are ones that have already done it before! And how do you nuture this relationship? With razor sharp Customer Relationship Management of course!

Let me walk you through it.

You’re reading through your tweetstream or performing a search and someone tweets “I’m getting an error message 2032 from MarketMeSuite, help!”  You could try to reply to them via Twitter and go back and forth in 140 characters or less. Or you can click on our nifty Zendesk button that links to your account and turns it into a customer support Twicket!

The customer gets a reply with a link to the ticket, and you can move on to properly solve their support plea.  This is now a happy customer and a happy customer is always a hot lead!

You can even organize it further using dotted Tweets.

Lets say you want to further track the ticket both on Twitter and through Zendesk.  You can assign in a color using dotted tweets. For example, Alan, our CTO gets assigned all red tweets. A red tweet means its a technical one. Another perk is how you can save the last 200 tweets so you can always go back for easy reference and to keep the conversation going well after the Twicket is solved.

Why social media for CRM?

Lets face it, social media is becoming the new way for people to air their complaints, ask questions, and generally connect with the company. When a slew of snowstorms hammered the Northeast and Midwest and grounded planes, a significant number of passengers who tweeted the company got rebooked days before people who went through the normal channels! A channel once reserved for only the tech savvy is now becoming so mainstream that even your mom is starting to use social media to connect with her favorite brands.

The bottom line is service.

Good service is probably the best thing you can do for your conversion rate. With a combination of a powerful dashboard for pro-active marketing and a company like Zendesk to turn tweets into full fledged support requests, you have a tremendous advantage over your competitors. You are at the cutting edge of the “new” customer experience, and it will majorly impact your bottom line.

Tammy Kahn Fennell is the co-founder of MarketMeSuite, the innovative, subscription-only social media dashboard that enables subscribers to manage their marketing campaigns on Twitter and Facebook from an intuitive desktop application.

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