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Integration anticipation

By Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Last updated September 21, 2021

I’ve written at least 50 headlines for our monthly integrations post, you think you could do better? Let’s just move onto what you’re all here for:

Monet Workforce Management

Monet Workforce Management is a global provider of a cloud-based workforce management solution that enables contact centers and help desks to elevate customer experience, improve agent productivity, identify performance gaps, and empower their workforce to deliver an outstanding and efficient customer service. Monet Workforce Management (WFM) features a seamless integration with Zendesk enabling businesses to optimize contact center resources and provide a unified omnichannel customer service.

Change Manager from SweetHawk
Change Manager from SweetHawk makes it easier to build better change management workflows in Zendesk. Change Manager helps you create all the common change management ticket fields for you, including adding an extra ticket type “Change”, to go with the other 4 system types (question, incident, problem, and task). It enables you to define which ticket fields should be shown depending on the type of change(s) you’ve created in the app’s settings. For each change type, you’re also able to provide a link to documentation defining the process that needs to be followed to complete the change (ie. the change model).

Bulk Delete
Bulk Delete is a full-page nav bar app for bulk search and deleting suspended tickets by specified causes of suspension. Enabled causes are configured in the app’s settings and can be configured to restrict and allow specific causes of suspension. With this app, administrators and agents will be able to load all suspended tickets, sort, filter, and easily delete all or some suspended tickets in bulk as opposed to paging through the ‘Suspended Tickets’ view and deleting only 30 tickets every time.

URL Builder Pro
URL Builder Pro brings convenient creation of links right to your agents fingertips. Links adjust dynamically based off of details on the current ticket. For example, if John Doe has a user id of “123” and contacts you, URL Builder Pro would generate sample links like below:

  • Profile (https://example. com/users/123)

  • Order History (https://example. com/users/123/order_history)

  • LinkedIn (https://www. linkedin. com/search/results/all/?keywords=123)

Zoho Survey
Zoho Survey lets you can create surveys and follow up with your customers easily. With templates covering various industries, like hospitality, healthcare, education, and marketing, Zoho Survey is sure to have something to cover your intended audience. With the Zoho Survey integration with Zendesk, you can send branded surveys via Zendesk to segments of users that have contacted your Support account. Track customers’ responses with branded customer experience surveys, email campaigns, and more, all without ever having to leave Zendesk Support.

Additional apps added to Support

Acquire is co-browsing that allows you to see and interact with your customer’s web screen in real time. Connect using co-browse with your users with only a click of button with a session code. Automatically sync your Zendesk agents to Acquire as operators.

Private Comments allows an agent to easily add a private comment to a ticket while also typing a public response or comment. The app installs as a sidebar app on the ticket screen.

YouScan monitors all major social networks, as well as blogs, forums, and online news, automatically collecting and analyzing over 100+ millions of posts daily. Connecting YouScan to Zendesk allows you to instantly receive new mentions about your brand as tickets in Zendesk.

NUACOM is an all-in-one VoIP Phone System that assigns live calls to a new or existing Zendesk Support ticket. Call logs are saved directly to the contact or ticket page for future reference, notes can be added to a call activity, and you can even have call recording and call details organized per ticket and contact.

IntegrateCloud Connector for CapsuleCRM helps you connect your Zendesk Support account to the popular CapsuleCRM. Allow your Zendesk users to create Capsule Contact and Organization right while working a Zendesk ticket and show your agents existing contacts that match with requester and their contact information from CapsuleCRM.

KooKoo Cloud Contact Center provides multi-channel ACD, IVR, dialer, quality monitoring, interaction intelligence, and more right from your browser within Zendesk Support. Improve your support with features like screenpop, click to call, automatic tagging of calls to tickets, and even use advanced call center features like call transfer, hold, and conference.

Chatbot Droz is a complete platform that lets you create, deploy, and manage bots, directly from inside your Zendesk Support account. Create your own rules, fields, labels, automations, and more. You can create small or large flows to support your customer during their visit or to support them in various scenarios, before starting a chat for example.

Teravoz Webphone is a virtual PABX with telephony APIs and combines telephony functions with the Zendesk platform. Make and receive calls directly while working inside Zendesk Support, and increase the quality and productivity of the Customer Service team.

Additional apps added to Chat

Botmind makes it easy to add a virtual agent to your team to automatically respond to frequently asked live chat user requests. Import your previous chat interactions to get the virtual agent up to speed on how to answer questions and let Botmind free up your agents to answer the more challenging issues at hand.

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