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What is computer telephony integration (CTI)? A guide

Computer telephony integration technology empowers your team to be more efficient and improve the customer experience. Learn the importance of CTI and how to implement it.

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1 min read

AI call center: A complete guide

Implementing AI call center solutions helps businesses increase customer satisfaction, boost team productivity, and scale operations.

1 min read

Guide to omnichannel contact centers

Omnichannel contact center software streamlines communication channels so customer service reps can provide consistent and personalized support.

Increasing efficiency with Agent Workspace

Increased customer satisfaction, more efficient agents, and better conversational experiences. That's Agent Workspace.

13 min read

What is a call center? Definition, types, and how they work

A call center is a team of customer service specialists who field customer calls. Learn what it takes to build a productive call center that provides great customer experiences.

Meet us at the top

Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

23 min read

The 12 best call center software of 2021 (according to users)

Find out from real-life users what it’s like to use some of the most popular call center software.

12 min read

Call center burnout: what it is and how to overcome it

Call center employees face unique challenges that can often lead to burnout. Understanding why can help fix bigger problems down the road.

8 min read

5 key benefits of contact center as a service (CCaaS) software

Adopt a CCaaS solution, and you’ll be set to connect with customers across all channels and leave your dated contact center technology in the dust.

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