Invoice2Go maximizes agent performance with Zopim and Zendesk

Invoice2Go maximizes agent performance with Zopim and Zendesk

May 26, 2015
Invoice2Go maximizes agent performance with Zopim and Zendesk

[Editor’s note: Zopim is now Zendesk Chat]

At Zopim and Zendesk our guiding principle is to keep things beautifully simple, so it means a lot to us when a customer appreciates our efforts to keep things easy to use. Invoice2Go, a mobile application designed to help small businesses with invoicing and expense tracking, has been a Zendesk user ever since the inception of their customer service team. They chose Zendesk back in 2011 because it displayed the perfect balance between value and features.

Through their experience with Zendesk, Invoice2Go decided to use Zopim when hunting for a live chat platform to communicate with their customers. Below are some of the reasons why.

Seamless integration with Zendesk
A major factor that influenced Invoice2Go’s decision was that Zopim easily integrates with Zendesk. It made sense to choose Zopim over adopting an entirely new platform that didn’t fit into their existing customer support system. This integration allows existing Zendesk users to chat with their customers right from the Zendesk Dashboard they’re already familiar with.

Beyond an easy integration, Invoice2Go was won over by Zopim’s attractive features, such as file sharing, chat transfer, and mobile capabilities.

Making sense with analytics
As a seasoned Zendesk user, Invoice2Go uses Zendesk analytics to find out more about how their company performs, and areas which need improvement. As a tech company, Invoice2Go is driven by data. Thus, Zopim Analytics allows them to gather even more information from their customer support team, particularly within chat.

Invoice2Go looks at a variety of metrics to measure their customer support success. Things like customer satisfaction, average handling time, and total number of tickets received both on a team and individual basis help draw a clearer picture of the support team’s success.

Simple To Use
Support agents are busy people. Besides having to attend to customer queries, they have to familiarize themselves with another company’s products and operations.

That’s why Invoice2Go places great emphasis on a particular software’s ease of use. Invoice2Go wanted to make sure that their customer support agents were maximizing their time helping customers rather than fiddling with the complex features on support software. That’s why they decided on the simple functionality that Zopim and Zendesk provided.

Besides putting your customers as a top priority, paying attention to your support agents can also improve overall efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Your support team is only as good as the people you hire and the processes you put in place to help them.

This post was originally published by Zopim. Since joining Zendesk, Zopim has been welcomed into our product family as Zendesk Chat, along with a number of treasured belongings.

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