Your business is all grown up—now what?

Your business is all grown up—now what?

June 17, 2014
Your business is all grown up—now what?

WHO YOU ARE: The Midsize Business

You’ve survived the awkward teenage years. Your customer base and headcount are steadily expanding, and you’re busy building out new teams across the organization. Everything is on the upswing and everyone’s working to provide more, better, faster. You want to give your customers a great support experience, but need technology that can easily integrate with existing systems and workflows, with a short learning curve and low overhead. There’s no time to disrupt operations.


Cash. You’re burning through it. You hear and know that data is important—it’s supposed to drive all decisions—but as it stands, the data you’re currently collecting lives in separate systems. You know that true value lies in getting your tools to talk to each other so that you have the insight you need to take that next step toward providing better continuity for your agents and customers, and more personalized support. SaaS may be the word on the street but, frankly, you’re worried about long-term viability and scalability. You can’t be replacing systems every few years; otherwise, you’ll be the cost center you don’t believe your organization is. So do you spend your resources building something in-house, invest in an all-in-one behemoth, or bet on new “best in class” cloud solutions?


For our money, a SaaS platform with flexible, open APIs allows you to easily integrate with other systems used throughout your organization, and to maximize the value of each investment you’ve made—or have yet to make. The following make for a great baseline suite of apps that integrate with Zendesk Plus or Enterprise.

Okta, OneLogin, Identacor
More than likely you have—or need—an identity provider to manage authentication tasks across multiple web-based applications. Okta, OneLogin, and Identacor are great options for helping to manage end-user single sign-on (SSO), and to eliminate user-managed passwords and the risk of phishing.

Kevy is a global cloud connector, enabling you to automatically sync data between cloud apps without writing any code. If there’s an integration you need, they’ll create the connection. For example, they can hook up Zendesk to a marketing automation or finance system you want to report on.

Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Falcon Social
As your business grows, so too does your social media presence across the great Interweb. This means you’ve got to manage your brand with a much closer hand. Ad hoc methods are out, strategy is in. Enter Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Falcon Social. These platforms next-level social media management by allowing you to turn social mentions into tickets that are easily routed to support when needed.

JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Planbox, TeamworkPM
Chances are you’re using at least one project management application, especially if you’ve got distributed or global teams. Zendesk for JIRA remains one of our most popular integrations, ensuring smooth the hand-off between support and engineering by allowing each team to view related information from either a linked JIRA issue or Zendesk ticket. Pivotal Tracker, Planbox, and TeamworkPM are also solid options to link Zendesk tickets with stories, project items, or tasks, respectively.

There are lots of customer relationship management systems out there, and if you’re just taking the plunge, SugarCRM makes for a great integration with Zendesk. Combine customer data such as account size or contract status with tickets and user profiles.

Voice Partners
Does your support currently have voice support? What about an integrated online voice option? With Zendesk Talk Voice support is no longer a bear to roll out.

What about live chat?

This is part of a series focused on extending Zendesk to meet your company’s most fundamental needs. Check back next month to see what apps we recommend for your business.

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