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Never fear, integrations are here

By Eric Shen, Marketplace Operations Manager

Last updated September 20, 2021

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide great experiences.


Mavenoid (Support) combines self-service and live support in one, so companies can effortlessly support their customers in every step. From installing, to using, to troubleshooting their products. Mavenoid’s self-service solves repetitive requests before they reach your human support team. Humans will deal only with the tickets that really require their expertise. These tickets are seamlessly added in Zendesk.


Asana (Support) is a leading work management platform that’s pioneering the future of work. Asana’s Zendesk integration helps teams escalate requests and complete the feedback loop between Zendesk and Asana. Turn manual processes into automated workflows to save your teams time and reduce data duplication between Asana and Zendesk. Create Asana tasks from within Zendesk to escalate requests, link existing Asana tasks to a Zendesk ticket, view the Asana task status and owner without leaving Zendesk, and more.

Marketo Sidekick

Marketo Sidekick for Sell (Sell) is designed to help Zendesk Sell users see precious Marketo data and insight from a lead or contact. Users can simply send Marketo data to Zendesk Sell, as well as Zendesk Sell lead and contact data to Marketo. The app is also fully customizable; BrainSell can tailor the solution to fit your needs!


Viewabo (Support) provides a service that allows customer support agents to request access to smartphone cameras so that customers can send live-streamed videos of issues without using an app, making it faster for agents to understand and resolve customer issues. Trying to understand and resolve difficult customer issues in email, chat, or over the phone is often frustrating for everyone. Not only could it take a long time to figure out what the issue is, but also the issue might not get resolved if agents can’t see if customers are fixing it correctly

Additional Apps added in March:

WhatsApp for Sell allows businesses to use Sunshine Conversation’s functionality within Sell to receive and answer messages. Unmatched messages will create new leads in Sell and Sell users can send and receive messages in the sidebar app. Sell users will also be able to see unanswered conversations in the top bar app.

Recurring Revenue (Sell) will help to capture the recurring revenue data by calculating the monthly recurring revenue, annual recurring revenue from the deal value over a user defined time duration or deal tenure. It also calculates the revenue forecasts which will help in business planning and budgeting.

ChurnZero (Sell) allows you to gain insights into which accounts are at-risk, which are your most prolific users, and everything in between. From logging user activity, to comparing customer segments, to scoring a customer’s likelihood to churn, ChurnZero has all the analytics you need.

Screencast Me (Support) lets customers record their screen while narrating their issue and then send it directly back to the Zendesk ticket page. Customers don’t need to download any special software. They can record their screen directly from any modern browser.

RemotePC HelpDesk (Support) lets you create a remote support session directly from within Zendesk tickets. Share the session link with your customers and collaborate with them. View or access the customer screen remotely to help them with their queries.

NativeForms (Sell) allows you to automatically create contacts and leads whenever form is completed. You can easily create beautiful surveys, lead capture forms, and quizzes that invite more responses. Form responses are automatically synced to Zendesk Sell as contacts or leads.

ZigiOps (Sell) is a no-code on-prem integration platform for your business application data. Connect Zendesk Sell with 30+ apps with ZigiOps.

All Views Lite (Support) lets you organize views into a tree structure and have access to all views on Zendesk topbar.

Adelante Iframe (Support) is an HTML element that lets you nest one web page in another web page. The Adelante Iframe app lets your agents quickly navigate to an external website and then return to their tickets without interrupting their workflow.

WhatCetra (Support) lets you send and receive WhatsApp messages from your customers in Zendesk Support. Get WhatsApp messages as tickets and reply to customers.

Level AI Agent Assist (Support) empowers your agents, team leads, and training teams with real-time conversation monitoring and assist and real-time knowledge intelligence, so your agents can focus on training for customer service success.

Tray by JVBTI (Support) integrates Zendesk Support with the Tray Platform. View all customer information when viewing a ticket and at the time of service. The app displays the customer’s order with a link to accompany the tracking number.

FreshBooks TimeTracker+ (Support) enables you to track time spent on support tasks in Zendesk and record it in FreshBooks for later invoicing. Assign the time to either a Project or a Client in FreshBooks, specify the service provided, and add notes describing the work.

Level AI QA Assist (Support) streamlines your QA program with AI-augmented custom scorecards. Create, review, score and analyze agent performance with an integrated AI-driven QA flow. AI analytics automatically embed your business’ key QA outcomes into your interaction review screen.

Intento Translator (Support) allows you to instantly translate the contents of Zendesk Support tickets between any language pair. Direct your request to the universe of MT engines, choosing the engine or combination of engines most suitable to your content domain or language pair.

Answer Search (Support) helps knowledge-centered support teams find and reuse answers buried in historical support tickets. Quickly find information to help solve tickets more efficiently, reuse past answers that include knowledge articles links, find and insert previously used screenshots, and more.

New Themes added in March:

Indigo, Xavier, Ruby, Kai, Leopold, Bing, Lorde, Ivy, Fitzgerald, Milo, Juno, Ada, and Azura are beautiful and highly customizable themes for Zendesk Guide. They are designed to serve as a solid foundation on which to build an amazing knowledge base for your customers

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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