Streamline Remote Support Processes With LogMeIn Rescue

October 8, 2010

Our recently announced LogMeIn Rescue integration allows Zendesk agents to collaborate with customers to solve problems by initiating remote support sessions from Zendesk and capturing important session details back on a ticket.

The integration can also be useful for administrators and support supervisors. By having visibility into these remote sessions within Zendesk, administrators can audit as well as automate their remote support processes.  This can be accomplished in Zendesk by using our powerful tag and trigger capabilities. Let’s take a look at a few options.

Setup automatic tagging of remote support tickets

  1. From the Zendesk interface, navigate to Account > Widgets > Add widget
  2. Fill out the configuration according to the LogMeIn Rescue for Zendesk getting started guide.
  3. In the Tags section of the LogMeIn Rescue widget configuration, add a unique tag such as “remote_session.”
Add Tags to Your Remote Sessions

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Now when a LogMeIn Rescue session completes and session details are written back on the original ticket, your configured tags will also be written to the ticket. As described here, you can use tags to build reports to give you a bird’s eye view of your remote support tickets.

You can also build custom workflows and views based on tags as described below.

Automatically solve or escalate tickets involved in remote support sessions

Now that you have configured Zendesk to tag all tickets linked to LogMeIn Rescue remote support sessions with “remote_session,” you can create a trigger to automatically change ticket status or escalate to a different group.  Here’s an example that automatically solves a ticket after the remote support session completes.

  1. From the Zendesk interface, navigate to Manage > Triggers & Mail Notifications and select Add trigger.
  2. Under Meet all of the following conditions, add the condition Tags | Contains at least one of the following | remote_session.
  3. Under Perform these actions, add the action Status | Solved.
  4. Click Add trigger.  Now all tickets updated by LogMeIn Rescue will be automatically solved for you.
Building a Custom Remote Session Workflow with Zendesk Tags

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Audit support activity related to remote support sessions

If, as a support manager, you are interested in tracking all remote support related activity, easily create a ticket view which shows recent tickets involved in remote support sessions.

  1. From the Zendesk interface, navigate to ManageViews and select Add view.
  2. Under Meet all of the following conditions, add two conditions: Tags | Contains at least one of the following | remote_session and Status | Less than | Closed to track all recent tickets which have had remote sessions.
  3. If your agents are qualifying tickets using a custom field to track the problem type, under Formatting options choose Table format and set Group by to this field in order to group tickets in the view by problem type.
  4. Click Add view. Now you have a real-time view of all remote support sessions in your Zendesk.
Create a Zendesk view for all your remote support tickets

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These are just a few ways that combining Zendesk’s powerful ticketing workflow with the robust remote support capabilities of LogMeIn Rescue can give you seamless visibility into an important aspect of your support workflow.  Visit our getting started guide to learn more and get started with LogMeIn Rescue for Zendesk.