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Customer data privacy: A CX guide for 2024

Prioritizing customer data privacy is key to building strong, trusting customer relationships. Learn how your business can help keep consumer data private.

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9 min read

Hypercare: What it means and why it matters in CX

Explore how incorporating hypercare in your customer service efforts can create seamless customer experiences and lead to greater satisfaction.

9 min read

SaaS customer support: An introductory guide for 2024

How you respond to customer concerns can make or break your business. Learn about SaaS customer support and impactful strategies you can use in your operations.

5 min read

What is a knowledge base? A comprehensive guide

Help customers find answers on their own by offering a knowledge base—a virtual library of information about your product or service.

4 min read

8 fresh alternatives + synonyms for “happy to help”

Customers want to have genuine conversations with customer service reps. Here are some better customer support phrases than “happy to help.”

16 min read

What is customer service?

Customer service is the support you offer customers throughout a business relationship. Learn why it’s important and assess your own customer service aptitude.

10 min read

What is interactive voice response (IVR)? A complete guide

IVR technology can be a game changer for call centers. Discover what an IVR system is and how it improves phone support.

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