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Help desk software

What's the difference between a help desk and a service desk?

Don’t know the difference between a help desk vs. a service desk? While these IT tools share similarities, they have distinct approaches to solving problems. Read our comparison guide to learn how they differ.

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Earning and maintaining the trust of your customers is critical to the success of your business.…

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Employee experience: Internal help desks and the future of work

Employers must adjust to new ways of working so that employees have the tools they need to perform and collaborate effectively. Enter the internal help desk.

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What is an enterprise help desk, and how does it benefit your team?

Here are the tools you need to meet your customers’ expectations, at scale.

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What is a help desk? Definition, benefits, and functions

A help desk is an often-overlooked cornerstone of a great customer service experience, internal or external. Here's how it can benefit your business

Meet us at the top

Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

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How help desk software solves support problems

When we say “customer expectations,” the word that comes to mind is “rising.” Or it should…

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Types of help desk software

Learn about the types of help desk software: web based help desk, enterprise help desk, internal help desk, open source help desk, and cloud based help desk

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How Zendesk helps HR teams with the employee experience

Consumers expect service to be seamless and omnichannel. No surprise, given the ubiquity of apps and…

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