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What is computer telephony integration (CTI)? A guide

Computer telephony integration technology empowers your team to be more efficient and improve the customer experience. Learn the importance of CTI and how to implement it.

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Voice support is as popular as ever. Here’s the newest way to manage customer service calls

Introducing the Zendesk Voice API for seamless customer support.

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What is cold calling? Meaning, tips, examples, and techniques

Cold calling carries a bad reputation, but it can help your business when done right. Learn the tricks and tips for bringing cold calling into the personal sales market.

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Cold calling scripts: 14 examples, templates, and tips

Cold calling scripts can help you get more leads and reach sales goals. Get tips on how to write effective scripts, and start crafting your own with our free templates that actually work.

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What is a call center? Definition, types, and how they work

A call center is a team of customer service specialists who field customer calls. Learn what it takes to build a productive call center that provides great customer experiences.

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Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

7 min read

Live chat support vs. phones: Which should you choose?

Different customer service channels offer unique sets of benefits to a business and to customers. Here's what to keep in mind when weighing live chat vs. phone support.

8 min read

What is a contact center? Definition, types, and use cases

Establish a flexible, dynamic contact center to drive customer loyalty and improve agent efficiency.

6 min read

Top 11 call center skills every agent needs (soft skills + hard skills)

Need to hire agents to work the phones? Here are some tips for hiring candidates with the right call center skills.

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