Tip of the Week: Controlling Access to Forums

July 11, 2011

Organizations within Zendesk are designed to gather all end-users from a single company that require support into one group. Setting up an Organization enables these users to see all submitted Tickets within their Organization. In the past, the only criteria available to distinguish those users in a specific Organization was by email domain.

Thanks to our new user tagging feature, end-users can now be differentiated by any number of criteria: paid vs. unpaid, standard vs. premium, customer vs. vendor, external vs. internal. Being able to use more specific criteria to differentiate end-users allows you to break out your end users into manageable clusters, giving you tighter control over various ticket workflows and what information end users have access to.

For instance, used together, Organizations and User Tags can help you have tighter control over who accesses your knowledge base.

Lets say you have two sets of users – those who pay for your services (premium customers), and those who do not. If you tag these users accordingly, and at the same time include them in their own company Organizations, you can give paying users access to exclusive content in your knowledge base, while still limiting them to information that is only pertinent to their companies.

Knowledge base and customer support

Now, let’s say you work for a company that makes several different products. How cool would it be if you could have different knowledge bases servicing your multiple products in one Zendesk? You can!

Lets say you operate one help desk to support the fire hoses and tricycles your company makes. These are two completely different products and require different FAQs, feature requests, and announcements. You can tag end-users accordingly for each of the products in question, and create separate knowledge bases for each product.

We have lots of tips to share with you, but if there is anything that you have discovered in your Zendesk that you would like to share, or have us cover in a future Tip of the Week, please feel free to email us at editor@zendesk.com

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