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Use these maps to find great apps

By Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Last updated April 22, 2024

And by maps, I mean the blog post below:


Qualtrics is the technology platform that organizations use to collect, manage, and act on experience data, also called X-data™. Close the loop when customers provide experience feedback in a Qualtrics survey and enable your customer service team to provide fast, actionable support. Streamline inbound ticketing process by automatically creating and updating tickets upon survey completion. Gain deeper insight into the customer service experience by triggering surveys based on Zendesk events. helps scale your customer support operations, so that your support team can continue to provide a great customer experience while your support volume grows. augments support agents by suggesting real-time knowledge and, as their AI keeps learning, it identifies opportunities to autonomously resolve common requests in Zendesk Support and Chat. Provide 24/7 instant, personalized experience to your customers with chatbots that automate the simple, repetitive questions in your existing Zendesk Chat widget. Redirect the conversation seamlessly to your Support Team on Zendesk Chat when needed.


Qapla’ helps you monitor more than 100 couriers such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, GLS, USPS, in a simple and fast way from a control panel. Follow shipments quickly with Qapla’ and always have the situation under control by giving your clients information about the status of the shipment in real time thanks to the personalized tracking page. The Qapla’ app will retrieve orders and shipments using your customer’s e-mail when a ticket is opened and will show the current status’ of the shipments situation.


CallN is a cloud-based business intelligence application utilizing a sophisticated AI-assisted voice transcription engine, machine learning, and world class visualizations to distill large volumes of call data into actionable insights. Connect Zendesk with CallN to provide your business with automatic PCI Redaction, Topic and Keyword Extraction, the ability to spot trends and set triggers when a keyword, phrase or topic is used, drill-down sentiment analysis, and more around your calls in Zendesk.

Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile Device Manager Plus is an enterprise mobility management solution that automates the management of mobile devices with the extensive support for mobile device management (MDM), mobile content management(MCM),and mobile app management (MAM). With the Zendesk integration, the help desk technicians can perform different management tasks right from the Zendesk console like configure important corporate policies and restrict the device functionality, blacklist malicious apps from the organization’s network, distribute documents and media to managed devices, and more.

Additional apps added in May:

Required Plus makes fields required for agents on ticket updates. The application makes use of the required parameter of ticket fields. If a field is marked as required for an agent, this app will force the field to be filled in when the agent submits a ticket update.

MessengerPeople is your solution for successful customer communication via messaging apps. MessengerPeople allows companies to use the most popular messaging apps – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages for Business and Co. – professionally and successfully for customer communication with Zendesk Support.

Unito seamlessly synchronizes Zendesk Support with project management tools such as Jira, Trello, Wrike, Asana, Github, and more to collaborate on tickets with other teams in your organization.

Hubspot by PieSync offers a seamless two-way contact sync between Hubspot and Zendesk Support. Let Zendesk be filled with Hubspot’s contacts and vice versa, push Zendesk contacts into Hubspot as new leads in a true 2-way sync that syncs across historical data as well.

Email Tracking is an application for Zendesk Support that offers out-of-the-box email tracking. As soon as an email is opened, Email Tracking updates a custom field connected to the ticket and adds a note with corresponding information.

Otto is an AI-powered automation solution for smart customer support. Auto-fill your tickets fields(tags, type, priority, assignee) based on its understanding of the requests and your business rules, generate suggestions to your agents, and have Otto auto-reply for your most repetitive tickets.

Read Receipts lets you see how long it took before the email was viewed, when it was sent, when the email was opened, and what comment was read. Read items are marked by the sending agent or by the most recent agent for Automation notifications.

Instagramer Comments connect your Instagram Business account to Zendesk Support. Reply to comments on your Instagram posts with this integration.

Zuper is work order management made simple. Zuper has the facility to add jobs and assign it to employees. The tickets created in Zendesk can be pushed as jobs to Zuper for that particular customer and time-sheets can be generated based on the time logged by the employee.

Public Ticket Portal lets you quickly and easily add a link to all your Zendesk emails that allows customers to view, update, and solve tickets without customers having to login to their support account. Each comment update generates a new secure link to access ticket information online.

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