Help us get out the vote—AdRoll named SuperNova Award finalist for customer-focused innovations

Help us get out the vote—AdRoll named SuperNova Award finalist for customer-focused innovations

September 16, 2016
Help us get out the vote—AdRoll named SuperNova Award finalist for customer-focused innovations

Companies that succeed today are focused on creating great customer relationships that are meaningful, personal, and productive. And from our view, it’s thrilling when our customers are recognized for doing exactly this with their customers. AdRoll, a leading performance marketing platform, was just announced as a SuperNova Award finalist from Constellation Research in the competitive “Future of Work: Social Business” category. The SuperNova Awards recognize leaders—and the great teams behind them—who apply “disruptive technology” in innovative ways. AdRoll is being recognized for expanding their use of Zendesk beyond that of a customer service tool.

Voting is open through September 21st and, while we don’t want to tell you how to vote, we hope you’ll join us in voting for AdRoll.

Representing AdRoll is Sam Trachtenberg, Vice President of Operations, who shared in AdRoll’s customer story how AdRoll was looking for a centralized platform that could be used by 13 sales support teams, each with different workflows. They found in Zendesk the flexibility to unify their seven existing instances of Zendesk into a single, new instance that met each team’s needs. In fact, almost every team now uses Zendesk in some way in service of AdRoll’s customers.

“Initially, we were looking to create efficiencies,” Sam shared, “but the process and the changes unlocked a ton of data. We now have a much better understanding of how to allocate resources to better meet the needs of our customers, and can use the data to help identify cross and upsell opportunities.”

Zendesk now captures all the relationship-based interactions between customers and sales support teams that typically happen over the phone and email so that the company has a more holistic view of what occurred at each customer touchpoint. This has led to better customer onboarding, a reduction in resolution times, and improved customer satisfaction.

Here we caught up with Sam for a little more detail on their custom “data hub” that captures all upsell and cross-sell interactions.

Tell us more about the custom app you built as you revamped your instance of Zendesk and rolled it out company-wide.
We built something we call the “Pitch app” for our Customer Delight team (who provide customer support) to prove they’re growing revenue. The app uses data from Salesforce, our platform, and Tableau to suggest when it might be the right time to pitch a particular product or take action to mitigate a churn risk.

We can proactively load pitches into the app so that when an agent takes a ticket from a customer who might be ready for the pitch, it’s there, with notes, and the support agent can choose whether or not to send it.

That’s exciting. What results have you seen?
It’s been great. We’re able to ensure that our products and services aren’t being pitched back-to-back, and customers are happy that we can suggest a new product they might like at the time they actually need it.

The app has also really benefitted our Customer Success team, a team of account managers for small-to-midsize businesses. That team uses the app in a different way, and it’s simplified their lives. By capturing every qualitative interaction AdRoll has had with our customers, and automatically syncing with Salesforce, we now have an accurate trail of where we stand with each customer at any given moment—across the whole company. The app also updates any future tickets the Delight team receives so that they have that insight as they attempt to resolve an issue.

To learn more about AdRoll’s implementation of Zendesk, read their full story.

Voting on all the finalists is open through September 21st. Check them out and vote for AdRoll.

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