Capture the Definitive Business Metric: Customer Satisfaction

April 26, 2011

Customer happiness is the key to any organization’s success. And while customers can be extremely vocal when they are unhappy, they tend to be less vocal when it comes to expressing happiness or to what level they are satisfied with the way their issue has been resolved.

Unless you can measure customer satisfaction, it’s nearly impossible to truly know how well your company is serving its customers. So today, we are happy to announce Customer Satisfaction Ratings, which gives companies the ability to capture the definitive business metric: customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction Ratings enables companies to measure the quality of customer service being provided by allowing customers to rate the support received.

The way it works is after a ticket is solved, Zendesk can automatically contact customers to collect feedback on how satisfied a customer is with the support they got. Once the evaluation has been received, comprehensive metrics are surfaced through out-of-the-box reports and dashboards. Companies can then set up workflows that immediately respond to negative ratings. Support agents can instantly engage with customers who provided negative ratings and work with them until they are satisfied.

Using this instant feedback, companies can continually monitor overall customer satisfaction and maintain an active and ongoing customer-centric way of doing business.

To learn more about visit or register for the upcoming webinar on May 4th at 10am PT. You can also learn more in our support forums.

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