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Beat the heat with these cool additions to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace

Last updated September 14, 2020

We’ve been adding new apps and integrations to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace at a nice clip these past few months, and July is no different. These 16 newcomers to the apps marketplace offer a range of functionality—from setting deadlines and reminders, to better integrating voice and SMS support—and promise better customer satisfaction, whether you’re sending a digital gift or rolling out a friction-free Help Center search.

Five9 Plus Adapter for Zendesk
The Five9 Plus Adapter for Zendesk brings CTI integration to Five9’s latest version of the platform. You can create new Zendesk tickets and users when a call is answered and log information about the call to the ticket without ever leaving Zendesk. All Five9’s call control features are accessible from the app in Zendesk.

Algolia Search
Algolia Instant Search helps reduce friction for customers (and questions for agents) by adding “as-you-type” search to your Zendesk Help Center. It’s easy to implement and can be integrated at no cost. The integration automatically extracts and keeps your Help Center content up-to-date by creating an Algolia index that can be embedded into Help Center for a faster, optimized search.

Watchman Monitoring Issue
Watchman Monitoring is a proactive support platform built to help you monitor your servers. By installing a lightweight, read-only agent on each of your servers, Watchman Monitoring can inspect over 150 data points every hour. Then, Watchman Monitoring Issue Status can generate Zendesk tickets if any alerts are created. The app also gives you the ability to view any current issue status while working on Zendesk tickets.

ZipBooks is a customer invoicing and estimate service. The ZipBooks app for Zendesk lets your support agents access customer invoices, estimates, and account details while working on tickets. You can instantly see the status of all customer invoices, including things like payment status and source of payment.

Apple® Gifts
The Apple® Gifts app enables your agents to raise customer satisfaction by instantly sending personalized, Apple® products to customers in just a few clicks, directly from the Zendesk interface.

Ongair helps you integrate instant messaging conversations into Zendesk tickets. Conversations from messaging services like Telegram, and Facebook Messenger can be handled directly inside Zendesk.

Queuerious Lite
Queuerious Lite is a handy app that lets your agents keep track of the call queue with the Zendesk Talk product. Use the app to see how many calls are in the queue, how many agents are currently available, what the average wait time is—all in one easy-to-find location in Zendesk.

There is no way agents will miss tickets when they use Reminders to set customized reminder messages at specified times. Agents can define as many reminders as they need for each ticket and are notified both via an in-app notification and an email when the designated time arrives.

Deadline allows you to set a date and time—for you, your team, or your whole company—to complete tasks on a ticket, complete with reminders and the option to use triggers to alter the workflow of the ticket.

Kixie is a Google Chrome Extension that helps connect your existing telephony solution to Zendesk and enables things like click-to-call and automatic ticket creation on inbound/outbound calls. Connect to your existing phone service (pbx, cell phone, business VoIP) or set up a new cloud phone system from scratch that can be used across the world.

NomNom is a customer feedback management tool that helps product managers, product designers, and user researchers access multiple sources of feedback in one place. With NomNom, product teams can easily find and track issues and feature requests, visualize the sentiment of their feedback for multiple sources, and more. This integration also helps support teams gain better visibility into what customer are saying in multiple channels, including email, sales calls, surveys, customer interviews, in-app conversations, and more. Break the silos in your organization by pulling all customer feedback into a single location.

Blendo helps you combine data from Zendesk from various different sources like MailChimp, Intercom, or Xero to help generate the info you need all in one place. You can quickly import Zendesk data into your data warehouse and run your own SQL queries on top of the data.

Easy Telefoni Connector
Easy Telefoni Connector is a simple app that helps create new users in Zendesk when you receive a phone call in Easy Telefoni. The app automatically populates the ticket requester for new tickets.

OwnerListens gives you the ability to chat with your customers via SMS. You can provision a virtual number with OwnerListens and customers can immediately start texting with questions. Texts are delivered to your agents as tickets, and their responses back to customers send as a text.

Notification is a small app that shows a notification if you’re about to update a ticket with a public comment when the requester doesn’t have an email address.

AmeyoJ brings support to the Ameyo call center product in the Japanese market. Pop open new Zendesk tickets when a call is handled in AmeyoJ and bridge your contact center with your Zendesk to help provide the best support possible.

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