Want to maximize survey response rates? Try this strategy

Want to maximize survey response rates? Try this strategy

Are you looking for a way to improve your customer satisfaction survey response rates?

Experiment with when to send the survey.

Why? You can’t control when customers respond to surveys, but you can control when you send surveys. And data from 80 million Zendesk customer satisfaction surveys can show you how to maximize response rates by adjusting the timing of when your surveys go out.

Below are the survey response rates across a sampling of our customers by the day of the week that the survey was sent.

Customer satisfaction response rates by survey day of week

Now take a look at the survey response rates by the hour of day that the survey is sent.

Customer satisfaction survey response rates by time of day

This is when it gets interesting.

Keep in mind, the majority of tickets are solved between 9am-5pm, and the system automation that handles customer satisfaction surveys in Zendesk defaults to sending a survey 24 hours after a ticket is solved.

But notice in the above graphs that the survey response rates drop dramatically when surveys are sent during working hours, and they trend upward starting around 6pm and peak at 4am.

The hypothesis is that surveys sent during working hours get mixed in with other email and are more easily skipped and ignored. But surveys sent after the work day are likely to be found at the top of an email inbox the next morning. The chances increase that the survey could be the first thing they see.

So, how do you improve your response rates?

First take a look at when the bulk of your tickets are solved. Then, choose an offset that attempts to land the survey at the top of your customer’s inbox the next morning, say after 10 hours, or at a time when it’s less likely to get mixed in with other email.

See below how to do this in your Zendesk.

Zendesk automation

Try going into your Request customer satisfaction rating system automation and update the Ticket: Hours since solved parameter to something like 10 or 34. Assuming your peak hours are 9-5, this will offset the time the survey is sent from the working hours of the day, so surveys are sent late at night or early in the morning when response rates are the highest.

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